Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tinder - Dad a Pries?

First impressions are very important as I'm sure you are all well aware. This is how things are in real life and in the online dating world. We go based off appearances or pictures we see and how our first interactions are with a person. So when using a dating app it is important to make sure your opening or first message is a good one. Usually you try and send something that catches the other person's attention in order to elicit a response. Today we have someone who really had a hard time doing just that.

I just can't help but laugh that Jaime struggled so much with sending a first message. Wouldn't you reread a message before you send it just to make sure that you wrote everything correctly? I am starting to wish that my that was a priest, just because it would be a funny thing to say. Then to say is my dad a pries makes me laugh even more. Does that mean Jaime was trying to spell prize? Or was it something about a person who pries for information? I know that doesn't exactly relate to being a blessing but it is still funny to imagine all the different silly scenarios.

Finally, you think that the third time will be the charm. Jaime has to get it right. He's clearly trying so hard! Sadly it isn't because apparently you ate a blessing in order for your dad to be a priest. I have some friends who would argue that being the child of a priest isn't exactly a great thing but that's a discussion for another day. 

To be honest the only real positive I can think of is the fact that Jaime clearly hasn't used this pick up line too often because autocorrect doesn't just fix it automatically. On top of that it isn't copied and pasted into multiple chats which is surprising as well. Or maybe this is all a ploy to gain sympathy? Like, oh man I messed up my intro. I'm so sorry but I finally got it right! Hopefully you take pity on me and respond. I can imagine something like that.

What do you all think of Jaime? Are you a big fan of pick up lines in the first place? What do you think of this one? On top of that do you think it is possible that he messed up his first line so many times in a row on purpose or was it all on accident? Let me know down in the comments below. (:

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