Saturday, November 10, 2018

The League - Dating App Review

Have you heard of The League? It's supposed to be the latest and greatest dating app that is quite exclusive. Most people have to pay to use it and even before being able to do that you have to have signed up for it and waited on a waiting list. I swear I signed up for this apps waiting list back in March of this year and it only finally just launched a month ago here in Vegas. I guess I was early enough to get in but I figured I'd give you all the low down on how the app is going.

It's set up like any of the other dating apps. You have the page where you see your potential matches, a tab for conversations, and then your settings. Pretty simple and easy to use. Unlike Tinder of Bumble you don't get endless possibilities when it comes to swiping. You get three. That's right, just three. Sort of like Coffee Meets Bagel with giving you just a few every 24 hours. They have a "happy hour" time of 5pm every day and that's when your latest potential matches for you to either like or dismiss

Now, because there is the aspect of paying to use the app you can get more options for who to match with at happy hour each time. It's not a big surge but you also get tickets to spend. Since I am a free user I only have two tickets. You can use your ticket to help bump up one of your friends on the waiting list or you can use it to make a power move, meaning you move up in the possibilities list of someone who you all ready liked.

One unique aspect is the concierge, which you can think of as a little dating coach. You can message the guy at any time and he constantly claims that he isn't a bot. He's usually passing you notes and messages from corporate to inform you about what is going on. There was one recently about them allowing another 500 people onto the app, which is likely due to the fact that it legit took more than six months for the app to start in Vegas. A lot of the people who likely signed up for the waiting list probably forgot and haven't touched the app.

There's also groups within the app that you can join and be a part of. Like a snowboarders group, hiking group, Instagram group, and you can chat with other people who are in the group. Sort of a way to network like Bumble BFF. You can even chat with people as friends, which I am finding most guys try to do so they can get past waiting for you to swipe right on them. Of course they have to add you first but there is a 21 day limit for the conversation. Guess they want to force you to exchange numbers.

So far my luck on the app is absolutely nothing. I've only matched with three guys and there has been no conversation. I even messaged first only for no response so I feel like it's a bit of a waste. I'm trying to give the app a chance though so I do check it every day during the happy hour to see what potential matches I could have. I can't say The League is truly anything new or exciting so I'm not sure it is worth all the hype.

Have any of you ever used The League? Do you even know of it? If you are using it are you paying for it? That part blows my mind because I would never pay for a dating app. You can call me cheap but I don't even think it would be worth it. #Sorrynotsorry Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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