Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Prince In Our Midst?

There was that one time I had a marriage proposal from a guy in India and thankfully there haven't been any others since that event. However I still find it interesting that I had a guy from so far away send me a message. Today I received a message from someone in Pakistan though and travel time to there is more than 20 hours! Let's see what he had to say.

This guy's username includes Prince in it which makes me wonder, is he a prince? Do they actually have royalty in Pakistan? Sorry if I sound stupid but I don't know much about how things are run in the country of Pakistan. Either way I imagine if this guy was a Prince he probably wouldn't be on a dating app considering he would likely have an arranged marriage or something along those lines. You know some royal families are very strict about who the children can marry because it needs to be beneficial to everyone. Although can you imagine the story headline of "Prince Finds Love On OkCupid" or something along those lines? I'm sure so many people would be so confused although the younger generation would probably be like, "That's cool. Wish I had matched him." 

Either way this Prince confuses me because I know what he's trying to say in English (which kudos to him for trying) but why is he asking for me to tell him even more about myself? I filled out my whole bio on the app so there is plenty to go off of. I can't even think of something new or different to try and say to him about myself that isn't all ready on the app unless it's a stupid little thing like "I enjoy eating Snickers candy bars" which isn't really all that exciting and even that took me quite a while to think of. Do other people just not read the bios that are posted? Am I the only one who does?

The photo that Prince decided to put up confuses me a bit too because it isn't the most flattering. Maybe it's just me and I'm being a bit harsh but he almost looks pregnant in a sense. I know that men can't get pregnant and maybe it is a beer/wine belly of sorts but it just doesn't look good. His other photos aren't that different so I can't tell very much about him. The decorations around him look great though so I give him props for that, or whoever did the decorating.

Do you think it'd be funny to one day hear a story about a Prince marrying someone they met on a dating app? Also what do you make of this Prince guy?


  1. Marry him and become a princess, it'll make a good story haha

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Agree with Rosy, marry him! Then you could be Royal Vegas Girl 😬