Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Voting This Year is an Emergency

It's Trump versus Hilary at this point whether or not you like it. Yes, there is the option of voting for the third party nominee  but let's be real that isn't going to help one bit. No one really knows who they is or much about them so to win the presidential seat at this point is a false hope. Both Trump and Hilary have their fair share of supporters so to vote for anyone else is basically awarding either Trump or Hilary the presidency seats without you actually casting a vote for either of them.

Sadly we are at the point of choosing the lesser of two evils either way you look at it. Some people don't agree with Trump's brass attitude and bigoted ideas he gladly shares. Others don't feel that Hilary is someone to be trusted no matter how many reports have come out to clear her. No matter what your personal feelings are I'm not here to tell you who exactly to vote for, instead I'm telling you that you do need to vote and it needs to be Hilary or Trump. Don't waste your vote by not voting or choosing a new comer that is late to the game. If you do that you'll have no excuse for complaining about who wins the election because you helped  make it happen.

You have to stop for a moment and think about things in the long run. Who do you side with on most of the important issues regarding health care, immigration, education, etc.? Who do you want representing our country to the rest of the world and their leaders? Who do you feel is looking out for your interests in regards to the change you want to see happen? Seriously consider these things because the candidate you pick will likely stick true to their word and try to make it happen. If you need help check out to see who you're most aligned with.

Now along with voting for the president you need to also take part in your local and state elections. Either you're going to pick those who support your candidate that can help make changes happen or you're not going to vote at all which isn't going to help anyone in the long run but will rather be a detriment.

If you don't think voting this year is an emergency you are sadly mistaken and need to look around at the rest of the world. Brexit is going to happen because the people voted for it (misinformed people) or rather didn't since some didn't turn up to the polls. Their currency of the pound dropped in value immediately and an economic crisis is expected to happen in the coming years. Even though we aren't voting on leaving the European Union we are voting on the fate of our country for the next four years which can have a lasting impact for years to come. Remember, Bush led us to Iraq and it is still taking time to get out of there. Either way please make sure you are informed on both Hilary and Trump and then get yourself to the polls to vote for one or the other this November. Don't sit on the sidelines or hand them a vote you don't actually cast.

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