Saturday, February 4, 2017

OkCupid - Date Night 240616274?

I often have messages on my OkCupid account that has users who have disabled their account. I don't know why this is considering they will have only messaged me within the past hour. Either I was so terrifying that they had to delete their account immediately after sending me a message or they just gave up after messaging me because they knew I wouldn't respond. Either way today I got a different kind of message from a disabled account that made me wonder if they were even real.

What sort of message is this? An advertisement of sorts? I mean, a few of the dating apps have a bunch advertisements mixed in when people are swiping but I didn't swipe right on any sort of advertisement on OkCupid. Also I highly doubt that a dating app would advertise it's competition. That just doesn't sound right! I've never even heard of datenightthere so it's not actually an app but an actual site, which means more work and effort.

However a free dating site that is way better than OkCupid? Tell me more! Don't get me wrong, OkCupid has a nice set up but having just any guy message me is getting pretty old. Also I'm always down for trying a new dating app. There's no harm in it. Plus having more members is always a plus. I'm starting to cycle through the same old set of guys that I'd previously swiped no to. If I said no once before it is still a no now. Nothing has changed considering they haven't magically grown taller or gotten more attractive unless they've had some sort of surgery or operation.

Now the fact that he deleted his account after sending me this message makes me wonder whether or not he is a real person. I mean, what is up with that signature of 240616274? Is that his bot number? If so that would make sense. I wonder how hard it is to have bots make and use dating accounts just to message anyone they come across. I did actually go to the site but there doesn't seem to be that much there. I'm going to pass on trying the website because it also seems a little sketchy.

What do you all think? Have you received a message like this? Do you think it's a bot that's trolling through trying to advertise for some other site? Let me know in the comments below. (:


  1. I think some of the accounts may be a bot or spam x

  2. I've never been on any sites like these but I would say they're probably trolling to advertise

    Tasha x

  3. I've never been on one of these sits but it's probably spam xx

  4. I'm guessing spam here.

    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog |

  5. I reckon probably spam to try and get you to the other site!
    Amy xx

  6. I can't say I've had any experiences with this sort of thing. It does sound like bot activity though. Maybe the competition is sending their troops in to capture people and steal them from this app. I dunno lol!

    The Crimson Cardigan

  7. I'm not on any sites but that message does seem a little spammy especially when the account has been disabled. Xxxxxxx

  8. Oh dear, looks like a spammer haha! Not sure how effective advertising another dating site will be when you're already signed up to one haha 😂 I hope you get some messages from decent people and not just spammers soon!

    Abbey 💓

  9. I'd say it's definitely a spam! You're definitely not terrifying haha! xx

    Leanne |

  10. Definitely a spammer - just trying to advertise another app/website! Hope you get some messages from people as well as spammers can be so annoying x

  11. That has spam written all over it! I hope you get more messages from decent people rather than bots all the time!

    Sian x