Tuesday, February 28, 2017

OkCupid - RudeDude Movie & Coffee

I'm behind on updating you all on RudeDude and I apologize for that. I'm going to blame life in general and the fact that I sometimes forget to sit down and type out a date because it's been ages since one actually happened more than once from the dating apps. In this post I'll make up for the past two dates that we've had together so strap in. It's going to be filled with a bit of a movie review for A Cure For Wellness as well as some stupid funny stuff that literally had me crying tears from laughing so hard. Sounds like a blast doesn't it?

Let's start with the movie. If you follow me on twitter you'll know that Rick had suggested going to the movies but then never texted me a time or place. I mean, I get that it takes a while to find a time and location that works best but that should maybe take a day at best right? Not Rick. We talked about going to the movies on Tuesday thinking the weekend would work best. He didn't text me until Sunday, the day of the movie, with a time and place. What's up with that? What took so long to look up movie times? I had suggested seeing The Great Wall or A Cure For Wellness so that should've been easy enough to work with. Apparently not.

Either way we went to see A Cure For Wellness and let me just say it's not really a date movie. I didn't expect to see half the shit that the movie had in it. Hold on, let me back up a bit. Rick was a gentleman and paid for the movie tickets and used his military discount so that was cool. I'm all about cheap or free movies. We walked by the concession stand and I wasn't really hungry. I suggested if he wanted something he could get it but he replied he wasn't hungry. We were both on the same page in regards to the fact that movie theater food is expensive so that was good. Nothing like being frugal with our money.

We sat in our seats and watched the trailers. He discovered I know a lot about movies that I'm sure not everyone knows. Like Johnny Depp has a contract for 7 Pirates of the Caribbean films, people are against Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell for white washing, and so on and so forth. I guess Rick isn't as much of a movie buff in regards to the behind the scenes of what's happening off screen. Either way we watched the movie when it came on and it was pretty good. It definitely had some very strange and weird parts. There was way more nudity than I expected so I was a little uncomfortable.

It was definitely a different movie and kept you guessing throughout. If I had to compare it to another I would have to say it's wanna-be Shutter Island but no Leonardo DiCaprio. Instead there's Dane Dehaan and he did a great job. After the movie we were both kind of like "I'm trying to process this still" and left the theater. We didn't actually do anything after that but chat on the way out to our cars because we both had to get home to sleep before work in the morning.

Now the movie was his suggestion and I gave titles as possibilities so that meant it was my turn to plan the next date. At least in my mind and with the current pattern we had going that is what made the most sense. Instead I got super busy with work and he ended up texting me asking if I'd be free to go get a coffee. Just something casual. I was game and told him I'd keep him posted because work was killing me.

So I texted him saying I wasn't big on coffee but if he was game for going to Starbucks that was something that could happen. Rick said he was willing and also wasn't very big on coffee so we met up at Starbucks at 6pm. We both got a frap and I actually paid for both of them. Now the only reason I paid for both of our drinks is because Starbucks was doing on of their star dashes and of course I want all the bonus stars for a free drink! So that's why that happened.

We got our drinks and sat down inside to talk since it was still pretty cold out. There was maybe four other people inside the Starbucks so that was nice. Our conversation was a bit random because that's the best way I can think to describe things. He was telling me how he's been doing a lot of work stuff but is being productive and he made some comment about being smart enough to do the job of his superiors. After that I kept teasing him about how smart he was and he didn't exactly like that but he took it well.

I felt very dumb at one point because he mentioned Crimea and for some reason I thought I knew the country's history but boy did he prove me wrong. He didn't give me any grief for it and instead informed me of quite a bit of the background along with the history. Then he talked about Turkey and Libya and for not being well traveled he sure does know a lot. I'm sure it's the military background that helps of course. Mind you we talked about Turkey and Libya because he wants to backpack Europe and was talking about how far he'd want to travel since some places aren't as safe right now.

Now to get to the parts that had me crying from laughing so hard. For some reason we were talking about our families and he mentioned punching his mother. Of course I was confused and he then tried to explain it happened in his teens. He had been jumping around corners of the house scaring his mother and when she finally did it to him he reacted by punching her. To make it even funnier he punched her in the boob. I can only imagine how horrifying that was as a young teenager to punch his mother in the boob. After telling that story he said he wasn't really a violent person except for that time he choked out a kid in middle school. I interrupted saying that he was digging himself into a deeper hole and that maybe he needed to stop.

Rick decided he had to continue and explain why he choked out a kid in middle school. It was a guy named Craig, which Rick said was enough of a reason because who names their kid Craig without wanting the kid to get beat up? He then apologized if any of my brothers were named Craig but took it back saying not really. Apparently Craig was making fun of Rick's mom and Rick was a tall kid so he took Craig in a choke hold and held him until his body went limp and that was the end of the story. But in short he still didn't consider himself to be a violent person. I understood him retaliating for a kid making fun of his mom but the way he told it was just ridiculous.

I don't know why but the way he was telling the stories just had me laughing and crying. I honestly think I just haven't had a good laugh in a while so that probably helped the tears happen. I usually don't cry much at all for pain so I guess the tears have to come out somehow. How dare I show emotions. What is my body doing?

Then Rick discussed his siblings and how he would hold down his brother when he was mad thus giving him anger issues. He also felt that it was thanks to him that his sister was a tomboy because he acted like Barbies and other girly items weren't cool. He said only real siblings scarred each other and through the damage they bonded. I found it just funny and amusing because I couldn't relate. I don't get along with my siblings all that well but I never did anything like he did to my siblings. Mind you I'm sure this sounds like Rick is a bit crazy but he was telling it in such a joking and fun way that it was obvious he does love and care about his siblings. He dug himself out of that hole by telling about how close he was with his siblings.

Last but not least he mentioned that it was only during his time in the military that he got into hardcore drugs. Now this caused me to pause and hesitate for a moment. I'm all for people making their own choices and doing what they like but I'm not into drugs. I don't think I could be with someone who uses any substance that can inebriate someone in such a manner. Don't get me wrong I understand medical marijuana being used to help people with their special needs but other than that it's just not for me. I was thinking "Welp, that's the end of this date" but once more Rick saved himself. He was talking about painkillers, which were prescribed to him due to injuries he sustained while serving in the military. Now that makes a difference. However he said that taking Vicodin was how he imagined dying to be like because he could feel it shutting down his body and he wanted to feel that again. Doesn't that sound a bit weird?

After an hour and a half we finally decided it was time to go back to being responsible adults because I had work stuff to deal with and he needed to get ready for his schedule change out on the base. That was my fun on the dates. As I read this again it just sounds a bit ridiculous but I need some of that in my life to get a good laugh. What do you all think? Do you think Rick sounds like he's off his rocker (even though he isn't an old man) or does it sound like the way you'd talk about your own siblings? Anyone else have some weird feelings about Rick talking about Vicodin and wanting that feeling again? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Welp, I certainly don't think that Rick talking about those things on a second date is a good sign but I don't know the guy so I could be wrong. The punching his mom story was hilarious, but I think the Vicodin thing is a red flag for future issues (but I've also lived with someone with a Vicodin addiction, so I'm a little sensitive to it) and the middle school story gave me major douche vibes haha. The sibling thing...I dunno. Maybe he's just a friendly, open person with a tendency to overshare-- I get like that sometimes, too. I say tread very lightly.

    Amanda | http://www.poppyseeder.com/

  2. It sounds like Rick is a funny guy and was enjoying story telling and making you laugh! Which is awesome.
    I do think the Vicodin comment is a tad weird, but the fact that he felt comfortable enough to tell you that is a great sign I think.
    He sounds like a funny and relaxed guy to me :)


  3. Completely agree about cinemas! They are so expensive! I would feel awkward on a date if there was any nudity in scenes. I didn't know johnny depp had a contract for 7 pirates of the Caribbean films!
    I wouldn't know what to make of the sibling thing as I don't have any. I always think that's what siblings do, they torment one another and influence them in different ways. I may be wrong though. The Vicodin thing is a little weird. I wouldn't know how to react. I guess the only word would be shocked.

    Great post once again!

    Tasha x


  4. he sounds like such a lovely guy, I am close to my brother and we are the same. he sounds normal haha. his poor mums boob!! with the painkiller thing I think he meant its just an addictive thing, if he doesn't take them recreationally I think don't look into it so much. if you're worried ask him, don't give up on him because of one thing he said, we all say things that come out wrong. love reading about the dates with Rick!! Excited to where it might go! Yay xxxxxxxxx


  5. Rick sounds like a lovely funny guy! Hopefully we hear of more dates with him xxxx

  6. Rick sounds totally hilarious if I'm honest! 😂 I think the punching his Mum by accident story is hilarious (especially in the boob, the poor boy must've been mortified hahah)! The choke hold one is slightly scarier but I suppose that was in his teenage days so one would hope that he has grown up a bit by now! Thanks for sharing your dating experiences, I love read them!

    Abbey 💕 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  7. He seems nice! I'm rooting for this one!

    Shawn Bethea
    Blogger | IBD Advocate
    Web: MoreSpoons.com
    Twitter | Instagram: @ShawnBethea_

  8. He seems really lovely! I hope things work out for you guys! Fingers crossed for this one!

    Ps I want popcorn now!

    Charlene McElhinney

  9. I think Rick sounds like a lovely guy. He seems decent and funny. Can't wait to hear more about your dates.

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog | www.stephsworld.com

  10. I personally think he should've waited to tell you such personal stories; a bit heavy for a second/third date for me! It's good that he's being upfront about it though, he must trust you!

    Sian x

  11. I feel Rick might be interested in you because he definitely liked hanging out with you. But he sure sounds weird. Anyway reading this was like reading teen fiction! I love it! Can't wait to hear more of your dates :)

  12. Rick sounds pretty funny! I think it's good he's so honest but the Vicodin thing is slightly weird!
    Amy xx

  13. He sounds like a pretty decent guy to me. I do think that he's honest and thinking about how to be a perfect guy for you and stuff..

    Sophia x

  14. He seems like a nice guy. I also find it annoying when people wait until the day you're supposed to be meeting to give you a time and place.

  15. Judging from this, he does seem like a really nice guy with lots to speak about! The cinema date sounded fun, although I've not heard about that movie so now I'm intrigued!