Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tinder - Show Me Bagina

Time for me to share another one of the dating app conversations that I've been given by a friend. As you know sometimes my friend's have even weirder conversations than myself. Who would have thought that possible? Well it is. It's as if guys are constantly trying to one up each other in a contest for the glory of saying something stupid and weird. If this is a contest you're taking part of with your friends let me know how its going.

I just have to say it's funny that Daniel thinks an appropriate first message is "Dang you're a cutie". I give him points for using the correct you're in his sentence and actually giving it an apostrophe but that's about it. Is this honestly how he starts his conversations with girls? I mean, when matching with someone on any of the dating apps I would hope you find the other person attractive. We can all say looks don't matter as much as we want but when it comes to a romantic relationship it does. One has to find the other person attractive both inside and out. 

I know that looks aren't everything, as should most of you, but when swiping on one of the dating apps of course you're going based off of looks. That's a majority of the profile that you're given to examine. You swipe right or left in a matter of seconds based on a photo at times and that's the end of it. Something either comes of the swiping because you both find each other attractive or nothing happens. I'm curious if this actually gets a lot of conversations started for Daniel. Perhaps I should try messaging the guys I match with "Dang you're a cutie" and see how they respond. I'll keep you all posted on that effort.

I love how my friend thanks Daniel for his compliment. Simple enough and I've done it myself plenty of times. Start a conversation Daniel (and all other men on dating apps) don't just comment on how I look. You'll get a lot farther, trust me. Now comes the funny part. Daniel saying "Show me bagina" as if that is the appropriate thing to say next in this conversation. Let's break this down into what's so funny and wrong about this.

One, Daniel do you know what a bagina is? I certainly don't think you do. Even I'm not sure what it is. If this word isn't in the dictionary then I'm not quite sure how to help you. If you go to it recommends bagnio which is 1) a prostitute or 2) a bath or bathing house (in Italy or Turkey). I'm fairly certain that isn't what you're asking for. You could come about both of those images in a much easier way.

Two, how many times has Daniel typed the word bagina to a girl on one of the dating apps? Autocorrect may suck most all of the time but it remembers frequent words that you use. B and V are close to each other on the keyboard but to mix up bagina with vagina more than once is embarrassing. This leads me to believe that Daniel says this as a follow up message to every girl. Maybe he even uses it in every day conversation. That's just sad.

Three, when did it become acceptable to immediately ask a girl for pictures of her vagina? Wait, that's not right. He didn't even ask! He just said "Show me bagina" which is just demanding it. That means Daniel thinks he has some sort of right to tell my friend what to do. He can't control anyone except for himself, which must be hard when he mixes up bagina and vagina. Get yourself sorted first Daniel but even after that you can't tell someone what to do. You're not in charge of anyone. 

Four, does this actually work? I need to know but I'm not about to torture myself by going on Tinder and asking guys to send me dick pics because I'm certain most would be way more than happy to. But for girls have you ever had a guy ask for such pictures and immediately sent them to him? Especially a stranger? Maybe some do but I can't imagine it working all of the time.

So in short, don't forget that autocorrect can ruin your life but only if you ruin your own life first. Have any of you ever received a message like this using one of the dating apps where the other person just demanded photos of you immediately? If so what did you do? What do you think of Daniel and his inability to spell? Let me know what you think of my analysis in the comments below. (:

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