Saturday, April 15, 2017

OkCupid - Beyoncé Review

I've started noticing a new trend as of late on the dating apps. No, it isn't the previously discussed people in costume concept (Barney, Kermit, Minnie) which took my dating apps by storm. Instead it is people using quotes to describe themselves. Don't get me wrong, I understand having a quote from a well known person if you're trying to be deep or philosophical. However, making up your own quote to try and describe yourself isn't something that is attractive. Today we have a guy who thought Beyoncé could save him.

If you have to post a review from a previous date that's pretty sad. I didn't even know that was a thing. Have the dating app profiles become something for one to use like Yelp? Do we have to review every interaction we have with other people now? This is becoming like an episode of Black Mirror. How would someone even get a review of their date anyways? Is there an app for that I don't know about? I'm afraid of how it would be abused by people who just want to bash another person for no reason.

Either way the fact that this guy tried to say the review was from Beyoncé isn't that funny to me. I assume he means it to be funny because it can't be serious, right? The fact that he claims Beyoncé was so into him that she imagined marriage is just beyond me. We all know Beyoncé is happily married to Jay Z with little Blue Ivy and twins are on the way. There's no denying that this guy honestly thinks he's witty.

Listing fun facts can be amusing and interesting. You never know what someone is going to share. This guy misses that though by saying what's supposed to be impressive. Don't get me wrong, earning a masters degree is a great thing. Kudos for furthering your education. You telling me that it is supposed to be impressive makes it immediately less interesting. Now you just sound like you're bragging. Just say you're working on your masters degree and be done with it.

His not so fun facts are funny to me because liking jalapeño Cheetos more than certain relatives is definitely something I find relatable. Don't we all have those relatives we'd easily trade over for less than a penny? Maybe that's just me. Waffle crisps are good too so that's fine as well. He didn't seem to get to finish what he was trying to say though because he just said I and then there's nothing more. What more did you have to say? What are you trying to tell me? I guess we'll never know.

What do you think? Was it funny or amusing to you that he used Beyoncé as someone to review his previous date? Or were you just as annoyed as I was because there's no way Beyoncé was considering starting a family with him. Were you as put off by his fun fact of being impressive for working on a masters degree because he had to say it? Or did you find it to be a humble brag? Anyone else willing to trade certain relatives for barely anything because they're that terrible? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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