Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tinder - Two Felonies

I get it, really I do. Being honest is very important. I care about it and so do a lot of other people, especially when it comes to dating apps. If you tell me that you're 6'6" and when I meet you I discover you're 5'2" I'm over it and going to walk away. I don't need a liar in my life. There are little white lies and then there are full blown lies. If I could only avoid one it would be the full blown lies. Some people however don't seem to get oversharing, or at least what I consider to be oversharing. We haven't even met yet and this guy is telling us way too much information. I have to give a shoutout to Sarah who shared this and made this post possible. Having someone to talk to about the dating apps always makes it a little easier. Anyways, let's get to it.

Sarah jumped back into online dating and this is what she was greeted with on Tinder. Ricky, I am so confused and concerned. You can't just start off saying you have two felonies. What are they? What did you do? I want to know what you did but that doesn't exactly mean that I want to engage in a conversation. Does that even make sense? Yes, I'm that curious person who wants to know what is going on but doesn't necessarily want to get involved. So if Ricky happens to see this please let him know I'm curious about his two felonies. 

I mean, a felony involves some violence so it isn't a misdemeanor and usually involves serving time for a year or more if I'm not mistaken. Did you not learn your lesson after the first time Ricky? Or did you just commit a different crime the second time around to see what would happen? Maybe Ricky is getting ready to add another felony to his dating profile app because it seems attractive. I honestly can't believe he thought that was something super important to put on his profile, especially as the first thing in his little list.

Having three kids and two baby mamas does not sound enticing to me in the slightest. Ricky is only 27 years old so even if we assume his youngest kid is a year old the oldest could be nine years old if he got his baby mama pregnant at 18. That's a second or third grader depending on the month the kid was born in. I can't imagine dealing with that. I've said it before that someone with kids is a bit of a turn off to me but having multiple kids and mothers is not something I want to try and deal with. I mean, I can only imagine what kind of dynamic all of them have.

The only thing Ricky seems to have going for him is his height, at least for me. Other than that this profile is basically a giant turn off. The fact that he shares his Snapchat and Instagram just makes me think that he's more worried about gaining followers. I'm not sure if he has that interesting of a life or what but I don't think I need to check out his social media. Ok, I checked Instagram to see if he had anything about his felonies but nothing. Just a lot of ridiculous reposts and items about "hoes and bitches" so you aren't missing anything.

Does Ricky even realize that I wouldn't know whether or not his phone is buzzing because I'm not right by him? The fact that he has to try and brag about his phone buzzing meaning another Tinder match is kind of pathetic. Who cares? A match doesn't mean anything when most of the people I've come across are total duds. Follow whoever you like on Instagram Ricky but I don't think that's going to be what helps you find love. If you're looking for another baby mama though it might work. 

That's all I have to say about Ricky considering I won't be finding out his felonies anytime soon I'm sure. Now I have to know though if any of you read his profile and immediately thought you should swipe right on him? Is having felonies attractive? Is that the new dating trend? I want to know what you all think about that one. I applaud him for being honest but I don't think that bringing those things up first make for the best impression. Either way I want to know what you all think so let me know in the comments below. (:

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