Saturday, January 6, 2018

Coffee Meets Bagel - Sinister Past Life

It's been a while since I've done a post about Coffee Meets Bagel. I guess we'll be starting the new year right by reintroducing everyone to the fact that it does still exist! I just haven't been using it as much because the whole "one person every 24 hours" gets old. Especially when most of the days that I check it I am sent to the Discover section where I can spend my "coffee beans" to like someone in there who has potential. That or I get a free take for the day because they don't have anyone for me but that's not as fun. Anyways, let's get to the fun of a sinister past life shall we?

So one thing I do like about Coffee Meets Bagel is that when you fill out your profile it has you also say a couple of ice breakers. This show up for people who you do match with to make things a little bit easier. As you can see the fact that Anthony says he visited a psychic once is quite intriguing. Especially when he explains that she said he will spend this life paying off the debts of a sinister past life. Now how is that not intriguing? It can easily get a conversation started.

In my defense of taking so long to reply back to Anthony you can see the time stamps showing it was the holidays. I was a bit busy with family and friends so I wasn’t exactly checking the dating apps. I wasn’t thinking, “Hm, I want a hookup right now.” instead I was thinking, “Oh crap! I need to get presents! I need an ugly sweater for this party! Grandma needs help with the tree!” So yeah, I was doing good to respond to Anthony after Christmas. 

The whole “Silence, in this case, is not golden” blurb is something that Coffee Meets Bagel usually puts up in the chat screen because they’re all about having active users. Prove that you’re active by sending messages and we’ll be sure to try and match you with active people is what they're trying to say. That’s what it says but I’ve messaged plenty of guys first only to still get people who never say a word. Guess there's no set algorithm that has things figured out perfectly yet.

I had to ask the obvious question of what his sinister debts were from his past life. Surely the psychic would have been able to tell him that! But sadly he wasn’t aware or he just didn’t feel like sharing them with me. Guess that would be a possible turn off if he said something like, “Well in my past life I killed someone” or “i was a thief who stole from innocent people.” I could see the conversation going south after that. 

I don’t now about you but I’m not sure how I feel about past lives so I would only take what Anthony had to say as a joke. Especially if he decided to turn it into something funny like, “Well in my past life I kept making duck noises at the town witch so now I’m stuck wanting to try and swim like a duck in this life.” That would be entertaining, or at least to me it would be. I could easily say that he needs to head to the lakes so he can be among his duck friends and get his life sorted out before it is too late.

As you can see the conversation basically died after that and the chat line closed. I kind of wish the other dating apps would have you fill out a few ice breaker conversation starters so people would see what they could bring up to discuss. It can be super fun and entertaining. Then from there you can find out if you have any more in common to actually talk about. So, what do you all think of Anthony? Is he really suffering from his sinister past life or is he just bringing things upon himself?

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