Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tinder - Sniffr

Today I have a fun one for all of you that just makes for a good laugh. I'm probably going to talk about my thoughts on OkCupid switching up things on the app in another post later this week so be on the lookout for that when it happens. For now, enjoy Ian who has a great sense of humor and knows what girls are really after on the dating apps.

At this point I kind of wish that Ian was the puppy. Sadly I am certain that a puppy could not be an accounting specialist anywhere, unless it was the animal everyone believed was psychic and could predict the Super Bowl winner or something along those lines. Even then would that truly be a job? Guess we'll have to debate that another time.

With the dating apps, especially on Tinder, I am so over the guys just not messaging or even responding. I can get matches galore but there's never any sort of conversation to actually lead to a meet up of any sort. I would be fine just getting a cup of coffee. It doesn't need to be a full on date with dinner and a show. There is nothing wrong with getting to know a person considering the profiles on Tinder aren't exactly a lot to go off of.

So let's go over some of the reasons I think Sniffr would be better for girls who would like to actually do something when it comes to chatting and meeting up with puppies, who are far more reliable than guys at this point.

  • Puppies will certainly respond to you calling their name no matter what is going on.
  • Puppies will always reply to the messages that you send, although their spelling might not be perfect.
  • Puppies will be more than happy to get together to go out to the park or anywhere as long as there is a car ride involved.
  • Puppies love to meet new people so getting along will be a breeze so there will be no worries about any awkwardness upon first meeting.
  • Puppies are excited to take pictures and easily make any photo ten times better.
  • Puppies love to give affection and receive affection, which seems to make for the perfect balance in a relationship.
  • Puppies will be be content to just lounge around and listen to you talk and rant about anything and everything.
  • Puppies are willing to learn and are eager to prove that they want what is best for you.

Yeah, I'm at the point of wanting to match with puppies just to spend time with them instead of the douchebags I'm getting on the dating apps. Maybe it's a sign that I've hit a wall, or just that guys are stupid but that's something I've known from the beginning of this dating app journey. Anyways, let's have some fun with this. What do you think makes a puppy better than a guy? Let me know in the comments below. (:

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