Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tinder - Married Change

I get it, a lot of people use Tinder for hooking up with people. That's what some people are looking for and who am I to try and bash that? However, I draw the line when it comes to someone who is married trying to use Tinder to hook up with people. I mean, honestly this isn't Ashley Madison still a thing? If you want to have an affair why are you trying to involve innocent people who want nothing to do with that sort of thing? Let's get to today's fool Tyler, who is married and that won't change.

Tyler. Buddy. This is not the place for you. If you are married I want to know if your wife knows that you're using Tinder for hooking up. If she does know you're using Tinder for hooking up does that mean your marriage is over? Or is it still a relationship? Is she using Tinder as well for hookups? I just find this sort of thing very confusing. I guess I'm used to thinking about a monogamous relationship. 

I've had a poly couple message me about joining them before but that wasn't quite for me. I'm started to get worried about all the married men I'm seeing on Tinder lately. Surely one of them can be smart enough to make something like Ashley Madison just for themselves. If you want to cheat and be straightforward about it surely you can make an app where those who sign up know what they're getting into.

Tyler claims that being married won't change won't change for him but that would imply his relationship is going great. Why would he be hooking up with other people then? Again, I just don't understand. Can someone explain this to me? Also how does tattooed and cowboy boots explain anything? What do his tattoos say? There are no pictures of his tattoos which means I can derive nothing from that statement. Is he saying he likes country music with the cowboy boots? Or does he think he is a cowboy? There are so many more questions I have now.

I want to know how he became a cannabis connoisseur because that means he is an expert judge which would require being certified somehow. I bet Tyler just thinks he is an expert because it is legal here in Nevada now. Everyone thinks they know what is best because you know it makes you sound cooler. 

I'm curious how he has people who work for him that go to Harvard. What does that mean? Did he somehow get a management position and get to hire people who went to Harvard? Is that supposed to make him sound smarter? Like yeah, people who went to Harvard want to work for me so that makes me super smart. That isn't attractive Tyler. It makes you sound like an idiot. 

For me it is easy to say that I am going to swipe left on Tyler. It's an easy pass because I don't think I could be with someone who is married. I'd feel like I was helping Tyler cheat on his wife, which is someone he's going to stick with no matter what. What do you all think? Could you date someone who was married but had no intention of splitting from their wife? Even if it was just a hookup would that bother you? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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