Saturday, February 3, 2018

Coffee Meets Bagel - Makeout Pictures

When you use Coffee Meets Bagel you get one guy as a potential match every 24 hours. That's just sort of how it goes in order to make connections more meaningful and hopefully long lasting. There is a Discover mode though where you can use your coffee beans (that you get for free using the app but you can also pay real money to buy them) to pay to like someone. I had no possible matches so I was given the option to go to Discover and select a guy to like for free! Now that I'm explaining this it sounds quite weird to pay to like people but that is not the point of today's story. No, it's about bad photos as profile pictures.

On Coffee Meets Bagel you don't find out the person's name until you both like each other. It sort of makes sense but because of that we're going to call this guy Chuck. Now the picture you see above is one of nine. His other photos were fairly normal, you know the type. He's posed somewhere with friends or a view in the background to make him look good. We all do it so I see nothing wrong with that. This photo is what gets me though. I want to know what possessed him to think, "This is the photo to show off who I am"? I mean, do any of you find this attractive? Did I miss the memo that I want to see a possible date kissing someone else with a strange negative effect on it? Does it make him more attractive? I think not.

I really don't get why Chuck thinks that this is a great idea. Looking at the photo is like looking at a train wreck. You want to look away. You know you should look away. But you can't. There are just too many questions and not enough answers. Maybe that was his game plan the entire time. To get someone who looks at his photo long enough and finally just thinks, "Yes, he is hot enough so I'll match with him" because that could be a thing. Trust me, I've seen plenty of people match with someone based on photos of their dog or cat. It seems people can be easily swayed at times.

I'm curious about the girl he took this photo with as well. Why did she agree to this? Is this her picture on the dating apps as well? Do guys find this attractive and Chuck thought that he would try it out on women? See, I'm coming up with more and more questions that can't be answered. Maybe I should just like him to see if he will like me and I can ask him all these questions... I'll keep you all posted.

The fact that he claims to be a founder and then lists his employer as himself makes me laugh. How are you the founder of yourself Chuck? Didn't your mom and dad create you? Or are you trying to say that you finally found yourself? That would present even more questions to be asked such as where were you and why were you hiding?

In the end I can't say I want to like or use my free take to get Chuck and possibly see if we match and can start chatting. What do you all think about Chuck? Do you think that sharing pictures of yourself with an ex doing something intimate is something to show off? Or do you think that's in poor taste because you're looking to find someone new? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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