Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hiking Hualapai Mountains

I always said I would do hiking posts on this blog and now it is happening! It has only taken me almost forever but thank you to everyone on Twitter who voted in the poll I put up. So for these hiking posts I think if anything you can always expect pictures. Be sure to let me know in the comments if there's anything else you think I should include about the hikes. Now, let's get to the hike!

A friend of mine decided to kidnap me for a weekend in order to go on a hike. Trust me, it was a kidnapping I was more than happy to participate in because I love hiking. We ended up taking a drive down to Arizona and visited the Hualapai Mountains. I've never hiked down in Arizona before, unless you count walking through the Grand Canyon but I don't think that really is a hike that I can count. You know, just going around on the dirt trail to get pictures isn't a real hike.

To get into the park it costs $7 for your vehicle for the day. The price isn't that bad when you think about it, especially if you fill your vehicle with a few people to hike with it makes it even more worth it. There are actually cabins and a camping area for tents if you're interested in doing that, which is something I'm considering for my next trip. There's quite a few hikes and the area is beautiful so surely there is more to do.

I did the Hualapai Peak trail which takes you up 8,417 feet for a gorgeous view. It's about a four mile hike round trip. It did get very windy at the top of the mountains so it did make it a bit cold. Bringing a jacket would probably be a good idea just so you can stay at the top and enjoy the view for even longer.

Just starting out and this is the view.

As you can see the trail is pretty well worn and obvious.

The wind blew even stronger between these rocks!

This is the view from a rock sloped downwards that definitely was a bit sketch but the view was worth it.

The hike was definitely worth it. The trail was easy with a lot of switchbacks. There would be some incline going up and then it would level out as if to give you a break. I actually ran into some elk on the trail, which apparently isn't very common but it was so awesome to see elk so up close. My photos don't do them justice though and I don't feel like posting the video I took. Excuse my laziness but I don't feel comfortable doing it either.

Either way if you happen to get to the Hualapai Mountains it is well worth it! At the bottom camp grounds it is common to see dear, which I saw plenty of on the way out of the park after the hike. They were just chilling around the cabins and some of the families having parties together.

Have any of you hiked the Hualapi Mountains? If so did you enjoy it? For those of you who haven't what do you think of the view? Would you be interested in hiking this? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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