Thursday, September 15, 2016

17 Relatable Gifs of Leslie Knope

It's Amy Poehler's birthday and if you don't know her from Saturday Night Live or Parks and Recreation or any of her hilarious movies then you are truly missing out! Seriously, pull yourself together! Go binge watch Parks and Recreation because it is certainly good for your soul. I promise. In honor of her birthday I'd like to present to you a lineup of 17 relatable gifs from her lovely character Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Enjoy.

1. Don't Judge Others

2. Money Woes

3. Men

4. Needing Youth

5. Can't Sit Still


6. Super Chill

7. Procrastinating


8. Adulting


9. Fuck


10. No


11. Math


12. Whoop Ass

14. Get Lost

15. Dramatic

16. Who Cares

17. Regarding Pockets

Now I'm going to go binge watch some Parks and Recreation and maybe watch Inside Out to celebrate Amy Poehler's birthday. Which one of these gifs do you relate to the most? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. love some of these! I say some of these on a daily basis haha!

    Sophie |