Saturday, September 10, 2016

OkCupid - Costume BJ Before Bed?

Not everyone who knows me in real life is aware that I run this blog but it's kind of fun to hear from friends who found out about the different dating apps because of my blog and have met their current boyfriend/girlfriend because of it. Of course they deal with the different struggles that I have as well so today's weird conversation comes from a friend. Let's get into it shall we?

We're going to call my friend Liz and the guy is just Weirdo. This started out as a somewhat normal conversation although Weirdo trying to say that Liz wasn't too weird at all is a bit strange. Why would you start a conversation like that? All he had to say was "how are you" and stop right there. That should have been the end of the question. Nothing more had to be added to it. From there it turns out they both stay up late, which is cool. Sometimes late night chats can be the best but then sadly it just took a turn for the strange.

What guy states that he needs a BJ before bed? What guy asks for a BJ after literally just sending a couple of messages to a complete stranger? Is he just that desperate? Nevermind, I take that question back because he probably is. Does he do this all the time when messaging girls on the app? OkCupid shows you who is online so does he actually get on every night near the time he is about to go to bed to make his desperate plea to women he's never met before to ask them for a BJ? Is it actually something he has found to work for him? This makes no sense at all to me. Are any of you as confused as I am?

Just so you know, the reason he says she can wear one of her costumes is because Liz is a cosplayer. You know those people who show up to conventions wearing awesome outfits based on their favorite characters? That's what Liz does along with being a makeup artist so she looks fabulous. Apparently Weirdo thinks that by offering that as an option she will be more willing to give him a BJ. He obviously doesn't realize the time and effort that is required to get into cosplay and that Liz obviously isn't going to go through all of that just to give this idiot any time of day. I feel her response is appropriate and after that the conversation just ended. Not surprising of course.

I thought that Tinder was the place to be for booty calls and hook ups but apparently it is spreading to the other dating apps as well. Have any of you had something like this? Would you have gone with Weirdo's request? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. I really hate people like that on dating apps! I wonder if anyone actually goes with his odd requests and meets him for a late night BJ... I hope not! I haven't actually been on OkCupid but I met my boyfriend on Tinder so I guess I don't need dating apps anymore! :)

  2. I would just treat this situation and that guy as a funny nuisance rather than anything else. Not everyone on dating apps are weird! I noticed that the more you have to pay to sign up for a dating up the better/more serious people are there. Best Wishes, Iga x