Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life is Beautiful Prep

If you haven't heard of Life is Beautiful then you are truly missing out. Sure, it's something that happens in Las Vegas but I've met people from all over the United States and even around the world who attend (I'll never forget the girl from Italy for Imagine Dragons). It's a giant music, art, and food festival and it happens every year. It's actually only two days away and if you procrastinate like myself you need to get your last minute prepping in! I'm going to give you a run down of some do's and don'ts so you too can have an enjoyable time!

1. Must Haves

  • Make sure you have your wristband (and have registered it!) along with your parking or shuttle pass. You don't want to forget any of those items because you'll regret it. 
  • Make sure you have your ID such as your drivers license along with some cash so you can enjoy the food and drinks that the festival has to offer. 
  • Bring a portable charger because your phone will die! In the past when I've gone there's been a random booth offering charging ports so be on the look out for those just in case but you don't want to miss out on too much just waiting for your phone to charge. 
  • Have water and comfortable shoes. I've seen far too many people pass out from the heat and dehydration and people walking around barefoot on surfaces that aren't that comfortable. Be smart.
  • Sunglasses will be a life saver. Some of the stages will have you facing into the sun to see your faves perform so you'll want to be able to see what's going on.
  • Download the official Life is Beautiful app. It will make life so much easier for planning and finding what you need. The brochure you get will easily get tattered and torn during the time you're there if it doesn't get lost.

2. Schedule

  • Look at all the artists you want to see perform live and figure out where you need to be and at what time. Sometimes your favorites will have overlapping times so you'll have to decide who you want to see more.
  • Don't forget that even though there are a lot of musical artists there are a ton of other things to see. Go explore the art during the daytime before the sun goes down. Hit up the food and drinks before they are clogged up with lines. See your favorite guest speakers talk about what they love.
  • There's a good walking distance to go between some of the stages so you might find yourself going back and forth on the festival grounds but trust me it is so worth it. If anything count it as leg day!
  • If you're taking the shuttle to LIB add travel time to what you have planned because the buses come at different intervals of time and wait until they are full before they leave. So being the first one on the bus isn't the best thing because you'll have to wait for it to fill up more before you go.
  • Again, download the app. You can use it to make a schedule for yourself to follow so you don't have to constantly try and remember what you wanted to do.

3. What to Wear

  • You can honestly wear just about anything there and no one really cares. What's going to matter is how comfortable you are after being outside for hours on end surrounded by others in the heat. It's not the best feeling but for your favorite artists it's worth it.
  • Have comfortable shoes. I'm telling you that you will regret wearing some platforms or heels when your feet are numb and in pain only a few hours in to the festival.
  • It will be hot and the sun goes down later so wear shorts and short sleeves or a tank top. Your pick. Just be sure to have on some sunscreen so you don't get burned.
  • I've found a camelback works best for me to hold what I need. I pack some snacks, have my water bottles, and then put my other necessities inside as well. It's lightweight enough that I'm not regretting bringing it in after dancing around for 10 hours. Figure out what's going to work best for you though.

4. Enjoy

  • Don't spend all your time on Snapchat or your camera taking videos and pictures. Enjoy the experience. Honestly it's so much better than what you can record. I mean, you should of course take a few pictures and videos per artist at best but then be done with it and enjoy because the memories will be better.
  • Make some friends. Every year that I've gone I've managed to make friends with complete and total strangers. They've made my experience that much better because I'm running around solo and it's nice to have someone who enjoys what I'm experiencing too.

Have any of you attended before? What did you think? Did I miss anything on my list for prepping? Let me know in the comments below. I hope those attending enjoy and maybe I'll run into you while there! Be sure to be safe and have fun because that is what is most important. I'm planning to snap parts of it and just enjoy myself for the weekend. Still can't figure out how I'm supposed to choose between Mumford and Sons, Zhu, and G-Easy when they're all overlapping. First world problem, I know, but it is still a problem I have to deal with nonetheless. 

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  1. Ahw, I hope you have (had?) a wonderful time at the festival. The last festival I went to was Primavera in Barcelona - it's not my kinda music, I mostly went for some girl time with my friends - but it was fun being able to run around and watch things that took my fancy, instead of worrying about being in the right place. I totally agree with you about not taking videos, so annoying when everyone's trying to record a gig instead of watching it! xx