Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bumble - Not A Catfish

Everyone and their dog knows of the tv show Catfish on MTV. Nev started off with a movie first to share his first hand experience and it helped to create the term that we use to describe someone who fakes a profile online in order to meet or talk to others. Usually the fake profile is used to date someone and get things from them as if it were a real relationship while still hiding out behind the screen of whatever device they are using. I never thought I'd read someone explicitly telling me they aren't a catfish.

That first picture was exactly my first view of the guy. I mean, what the heck? I feel like he's trying too hard. Perhaps he feels that his naked pool picture is the best thing for him to use in order to get a match. Obviously we all have to go by naked pictures on Bumble in order to find the right match for ourselves! I just missed the memo. Silly me. Guess I need to update my profile immediately.

He has a bunch of other regular kind of photos but some do seem like something from a photoshoot so when I read that he is a model that made sense. That's cool that you're a model and all Kevin but I feel like you're just a lot of things and none of them make quite a lot of sense. How are you signed to 7 agencies? I'm taking that to mean seven different agencies. What are you the manager of? What do you instruct groups in? What are you going to grad school for? How do you coach people in life? What sports do you play as an athlete? I'm just more confused by your information. Can't you be a little more clear and concise? I can understand if you have a lot of different things that you're interested in but this just doesn't help much.

I find it funny he says he isn't a catfish but is a great catch. Has he been accused of being a catfish before? That makes me feel a bit suspicious because if he is indeed a model someone could easily pull his pictures from the internet and use them to have his face to pretend to be him.

I checked out his Instagram since he provided the info and it seems fairly normal. A lot of the same shots of his face with the same expression. He has quite a few thousand followers but most of his photos and videos are at 200 likes. That makes me wonder if he actually bought followers or something along those lines. His instagram description had a link and I clicked it to find that he was selling a calendar. It wasn't just any calendar though, it was a nude ginger god calendar. I really have been missing out on life apparently. It's $30 and I now feel a bit duped because checking him out through his info in the links means more exposure for what he's trying to sell. I didn't even bother with his snapchat or his facebook after that. 

What do you all think? Could this guy be real or is he a catfish? I just find that it's odd for him to say that he isn't because it's probably happened before. It could be a catfish and they just linked his real social media information to seem more legit, you know? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Haha yes if it looks to good to be true it makes you wonder.. Maybe the line "I'm not a catfish but a great catch" is more like a joke? I don't know... I'm a bit of an dating app dummy I've only ever been out with two guys that way.