Wednesday, May 4, 2016

OkCupid - I'm Not Thinking About You!

People fill out their profiles how they want to. There's the handful of questions that are asked that need a little more detail besides yes or no or just one choice between two options. There are the quick match questions of messy vs organized, morning person vs night person, and things along those lines that break down into percentages of match-ability, if that's a word. Sometimes seeing what people write down in response to some of the questions just confuse me. I mean, are they actually trying to find a relationship or not?

You spend a lot of your time thinking about having sex with these actresses and Kanye's wife? That's all you have to worry about? Man, that's one delusional life to be living. I doubt this guy has even met any of those ladies who he mentioned. If anything he probably just pulls their pictures up online and then we don't have to guess what he does from there. It isn't that sweet of a thing and I don't know why he is daring to share this with anyone. Perhaps he's hoping someone else who seems to have his same delusional mindset will find him on this dating app and then they can be together doing that. I mean, you honestly couldn't say you spend your time thinking about traveling or some fun thing you're excited to do? Give me bucket list items or something to work with.

For the "You should message me if" bit I can't help but laugh a bit more because why did he feel the need to use so many periods? He could have at least thrown in all capital letters in order to show that this is obviously very important to him for a girl to know what they want and be willing to be honest about it. I mean, he's all ready honest about his delusional sex life so you might as well just tell him you want nothing to do with him or that nonsense.

Does he really think he's convincing anyone that he is a heart breaker by stating that he's tired of breaking girl's hearts? Or do you think that he's just trying to convince himself of that more than anything? I mean it does sound a little sad and pathetic for him to say that himself. I can get why he's worried about honesty if he's had girls who didn't want the casual dating that he's looking for or for just trying to get him to buy them expensive things. He doesn't want that obviously because he's busy thinking about having sex with all those lovely ladies he mentioned before. He obviously needs to spend all of his time and money on them in case they one day need him for a casual thing that hopefully leads to marriage. 

Honestly this guy is just sad and pathetic to me. He's just trying to brag about himself and make things about him ten times better than they actually are. Good luck with your delusions.

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