Monday, May 2, 2016

OkCupid - Why So Serious?

On these dating apps I've seen pictures of a lot of guys with tattoos. Personally, I would never get one for myself. I mean, I don't think I would be able to handle having something permanently inked on my skin. Sure, there's the option of getting it removed later but that's just expensive and painful. Some tattoos are cool and have purpose, I get that. It's all up to the person who gets a tattoo. As long as you love it that is what matters. Enjoy it and flaunt it. But there is one tattoo I just can't get over.

Please do not get me wrong. I love Batman The Dark Knight. I loved Heath's portrayal of the Joker. He was brilliant and did such a wonderful job that it made the movie what it is. My own mother didn't believe me when I said he did a great job and just thought he was over-hyped until she finally saw it for herself and agreed. But really? This is the tattoo you decide to get done and right on your neck? I mean, that's just something super obvious and in your face unless you're constantly wearing turtlenecks, which we all know no on wears here in Vegas because it's a desert out there. I mean, he obviously must like it since he decided to put it in such a prominent place but I would have such a hard time if I even met him. I wouldn't know where to look. Do I stare at the Joker or do I look at his face? I mean, the Joker has that smirk so obviously he is planning something and I need to pay attention to him and what he might do.

In this guy's description he says that if his daughter approves then things can become serious. He had a picture of her up and she looked like a toddler and I just wonder what she does. Has she learned to ignore the Joker tattoo her dad has? Or has it just silently been tormenting her in nightmares because she sees it all the time and just doesn't understand why there is another face on her father's neck. I know that she isn't old enough to know what Harry Potter is so she wouldn't get the reference of Professor Quirrell having Voldemort attached but maybe that's what she thinks of the Joker face. It's just attached to her father and she has to deal with it. Either way I'm sorry but I can't take this guy seriously. It's a cool tattoo, but it is seriously throwing me off.

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