Friday, May 13, 2016

OkCupid - Vagas Trouble

You read that correctly. I wrote Vagas and not Vegas, which you will understand once you read this post. Let's just say I'm busy getting into trouble according to this southern man.

I was honestly just kidding about this guy stalking my snaps because I hadn't really been doing too much on snapchat anyways that would be considered trouble. If anything I was just curious what he would say in response to that because if he lied and said yes then I could have fun and ask what all he saw. In all likelihood he would probably say something completely ridiculous which would have given me a good laugh. If he was honest and said no then I could make up some story about what I was up to because he wouldn't know any better. I mean, he's all the way from Georgia so how would he know the difference?

If it isn't obvious he was just in "Vagas" for the weekend. That's a common thing for people to do but I'm not quite sure if he expected to have happen. I wasn't going to be the someone to show him around town, if you know what I mean. My profile is pretty obvious about the fact that it isn't why I'm on the dating app in the first place. I would probably have it say that in my description if I wanted to do that sort of thing. Anyways, back to "Vagas" which still makes me laugh. I mean I have never had autocorrect on my phone change Vegas or any variation of it to Vagas so that makes me curious about what he messages his friends about. Is that a word his phone recognizes that is a code word for something else? I mean, it isn't even a word on Urban Dictionary so maybe he made something up for the fun of it. Anyone have any guesses about what it means? Leave a comment below to help enlighten me if you do!


  1. The Hangover would of been so much better with Alan going 'Yeahhh VAGAS Baby!!'

    1. If only. So many missed opportunities!