Thursday, May 12, 2016

OkCupid - Tall Girls Are The Best!

You've all seen the gist of most of the messages I receive from the different guys on the dating apps at this point. They're starting to get a bit repetitive and if I'm being completely honest I'm getting a bit bored with it. I mean, I didn't know I'd be attracting all of the same kinds of guys. That wasn't part of the plan. Then I got this random message from Jake and it was kind of nice.

Sadly Jake is all the way in Florida where there is humidity and swamps while I am stuck in my Nevada desert with the dry heat so nothing will likely happen here. Either way I thought it funny that he noticed I was tall and said that tall girls were the best. I looked at his profile and he is 6'4" which in my opinion is a great height for someone who is my height. Even though he's far away I'll see if I can keep this little conversation about height going. I mean, what's there to lose? Jake hasn't done anything completely ridiculous or idiotic just yet. 

I think I'll send something along the lines of "Thanks. Yeah finding clothes can be hard but what can I do? Gotta own my height and run with it." I mean, I do like my height but let me tell you clothes shopping can be absolutely terrible at times. Nothing is long enough or somehow my body is not meant to fit into whatever style has become the latest craze. Such is life though. I'll keep you all posted on what Jake says.


  1. Hehe I know exactly what you mean about clothes shopping.... An especially shopping for pants.... Urggg.... Anyways, I agree with you. You should totally keep talking with Jake!!!! He seems ok ;) Keep us informed girl!!!!!!

    1. Right! Pants are the absolute worst. They're just never long enough. Shorts can be a problem too because sometimes they're a little too short to even possibly be comfortable. I'll definitely keep you posted on Jake. (: