Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Clover - Up and Coming Company

We live in a digital age and I'm fairly certain that just about everyone who has a cellphone or internet access knows it. I mean, we have apps for just about anything and everything so why am I not surprised that guys are not only using the dating apps to get girls to come out to the club, because they are club promoters, but also to find models. This doesn't sound sketchy at all.


I'm confused as to whether or not Zach is more concerned with looking for casual dating or if he wants to find fresh faces for his up and coming modeling agency. On Clover it allows you to say that you're just looking for friends instead of a serious relationship or even hook ups. Perhaps Zach is hoping to mix business with pleasure since he's come all the way out from New York to find models using a dating app. I mean, I'm glad he works with really awesome people but now I'm curious if he is actually able to find girls who want to model for his company using the app. Wouldn't that be a fun introduction piece to share? "Hi, I'm a model and I got my start thanks to Clover matching me with a guy who worked for a modeling agency." I mean, I think I would have to pass on that just because it doesn't sound great.

You never know what you're getting into with modeling because there are so many different companies doing so many different things. It's sort of telling that they don't want girls who have signed a professional contract before. That makes me think they want someone who is brand new to the game and doesn't know much about it. That way they can pull the wool over her eyes and get away with just about anything because she signed a contract. This is just to sketchy for me so I'll pass Zach. 

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