Friday, May 6, 2016

OkCupid - Shot Yourself In The Foot

So Hannah has been on me about giving my number out to guys to chat with them, which I don't exactly mind considering most of the messaging aspect within the apps aren't the best when it comes to notifications. At this point OkCupid is the worst with it crashing and not sending messages but that's beside the point. Well I matched with a guy named Paul on OkCupid and we only sent a few messages before he was asking for my number, which I was fine with because let me just say Paul was very attractive.

So Paul starts texting me while I'm at a family dinner that is full of drama. My family is a little dysfunctional at the moment with all that is happening because of who is dating who and what stupid things siblings are doing. I'm just caught in the middle of it all while trying to enjoy my dinner. Anyways, Paul tells me that he just tries to live drama free and when I ask what he is up to he claims its an uneventful day but he is glad that I'm there to save the day. He then suggests that I send him some pics so we can take our minds off of the drama filled dinner that I am suffering through. I figure I can send him a picture that isn't on my profile on OkCupid because it won't kill me and so I do. He responds by calling me a "Hottieeee" before adding "You should try something on the naughty side ;) that might help"

Really Paul? You think now is the time for me to send you some naughty pics? Do you think that I just happen to have naughty pics just sitting in my camera roll waiting to be used? Or am I supposed to just disappear from the family dinner in order to be able to take some naughty pictures that you're looking for? He sent a picture of himself, just a casual selfie in a car, as if trying to say we're now even for trading pictures so it is my turn to send the next one. I replied "Sorry handsome. I don't roll that way." to which he said, "Me neither usually but you're a babe.. Our secret" Yeah, sure Paul. You expect me to believe that? I mean, I'm certain he's said this to plenty of other girls on the dating app who he has exchanged numbers with. I even said that when I asked, "Yeah but how many other girls have you done this with?" He answered, "None i don't usually message anyone haha I just joined up! Just in a frisky mood tonight" I'm sorry Paul I don't care how recently you joined the app or if you're in a frisky mood. I don't have naughty pictures on my phone and I'm not about to take any to send them to you.

I told him, "Well I'm going to be the kill joy because I'm not." to which he claimed, "It's all good" but it obviously wasn't all good because he never messaged me again. I mean, does this guy think I'm stupid? I've seen far too many social media posts about guys asking for those naughty pictures and then once they get them they spread them all over like wildfire. I'm not saying all guys do that, please don't get me wrong, but I literally just started messaging Paul so why would I suddenly trust him with pictures that I am not even comfortable with having? I mean, I honestly don't have any sort of naughty pictures unless you're talking about ones that would upset my religious parents of me doing activities on Sunday when I should be at church. Either way I'm so disappointed because Paul was very attractive until he started asking for naughty pictures. :(

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