Monday, May 16, 2016

Tinder - A Friend's Tale Part 2

Now it's time to continue my tale about Lily and Nate. If you missed Part 1 be sure to go back and read that so you aren't too lost or confused. Now where I left off, things were going great. They had met up, gone to dinner, and ended the night with cuddling and movies. That doesn't sound too bad now does it? Things ended on a good note.

The next day Nate was texting and messaging Lily like crazy wanting to hang out again. She was pretty much exhausted though because she still had work and other things to do after the late night. Needless to say she was dead tired. They planned to get together again the next day to watch movies at her place, which wasn't anything new. Lily liked his company and had told him from the start that she was going to take things slow and if he wasn't good with that he should move along. He had said that would be just fine.

Now a little bit about Nate that makes for an interesting back story. He moved to the U.S. when he was about 8 years old and as an only child his parents sent him to school so he was the one who learned English. Even now as an adult he spends his time helping out his parents and translating things for them. When you hear that it just sounds sweet doesn't it? Nate picked up the job as a taxi driver and discovered he made good money from it, which makes sense because there are plenty of tourists in Vegas who need to get from the airport around town and then back. The reason Nate was so desperate to hang out with Lily though was because he was in the middle of moving out so he was trying to avoid his family and the drama that it entailed. Getting his own place should be an exciting thing but apparently his folks weren't too happy about it, which I can understand if they rely on him to still translate things.

Anyways, Nate and Lily meet up for their movie night and it goes pretty much like last time. They're on the couch cuddling and watching the movie but then he tries to make a move, as in making out with her. Lily immediately stops him and reminds him that she is taking things slow and this is literally only their second time getting together. Of course Nate is a bit disappointed and doesn't take it too well but I'm wondering why he even tried to pull a move when she explicitly told him when they first met that if he was looking for a booty call it wasn't going to be her and that he needed to move along.

Well instead watching the movie they start talking and Nate admits that he will gladly hook up with white girls but will only ever seriously date an Asian girl. That of course was an immediate turn off to Lily because she is white and is looking for something serious. Why Nate was even bothering is beyond the two of us. Did he think he was going to magically be able to change her mind and get her to go along with his thinking that they should just hook up and then move along? This just makes me feel bad for any Asian girl he does seriously date because I'm certain she isn't going to like the idea of him constantly hooking up with white girls. Maybe that's just me. What do I know?

So in the end Lily sent Nate on his way and they didn't talk very much after that. I'm curious if any of you have ever had someone try to make a move on you when you had all ready told them that you weren't ready. What did you do? How did you respond? How did they take it?


  1. Just recently one guy tried to make a move when I told him I don't have sex on the first date. He tried to tell me I was a liar and tell me I'm too sexy not to enjoy sex. He was clearly trying to convince me that I needed it lol. Don't worry that's a story to come

  2. Oh man. That's so ridiculous! I don't know what is going through a guy's mind half of the time honestly.