Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tinder - A Friend's Tale Part 1

So I told my friend about using all these different dating apps and blogging about it which made her become a bit interested in all the dating apps. Not to blog about it of course, but just to see what all the dating apps had to offer/were all about. She recently got out of a five year relationship so she's looking to get back in the dating game but wasn't exactly sure how to go about it. This is her story.

For the sake of this post we're going to call my friend Lily. So Lily downloaded Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder, and Clover to begin her swiping and liking adventure. She matched with a guy on Tinder who wore glasses, which she loves because she's a nerd, and they were chatting almost nonstop for three days. They were chatting about anything and everything really, which meant they had a lot in common. I had thought because they were doing so well a meet up was sure to happen. Sadly after those three days the guy went completely and totally silent. Lily had to take it for what it was and figured he just wasn't interested.

Then she matched with an Asian guy who we're going to call Nate. She recently got into KPOP and showed me his picture claiming that he was so cute. I must admit, he was pretty attractive. Nate and Lily started to message each other on the app and soon a meet up was decided upon. They were going to go out to dinner but on the night of the dinner fate seemed to work against Lily. She called me up frantic because she had a flat tire and of course it was past five so all the tire shops were closed so she couldn't fill it with air. The spare in her trunk was too tightly wedged in so she couldn't possibly get it out. So she was asking me if I would come to her place and let her borrow my car to go meet up with him. Mind you I live about 25 minutes away from her but it was rush hour traffic time so it would take me about 45 minutes if I was lucky and their meet up time was in less than 30 minutes.

First I told her to calm down and keep working on the spare tire. I reminded her that I was so far away and that due to traffic I would be even later. I suggested that she message Nate and say she would have to cancel because of car trouble, which she whined a bit at because she really wanted to meet up with him. She had been looking forward to it since they had decided upon it. Well, things somewhat worked out because she messaged Nate and it turned out he's a taxi drive and he had no problem picking her up. Now, I personally would not give a guy from tinder my address but Lily is her own person living her own life.

Nate picked her up at her place and they went to dinner. They spent a few hours at dinner and being the good friend that I am I texted her every so often to make sure things were going all right. She said it was fine and that she was surprised time was flying by so fast. After dinner Nate took her back to her place and she invited him in. They ended up watching movies and cuddling, which was something she was comfortable with so kudos to her. I was texting her still to make sure all was well but freaked out a bit because she was up so late (she goes to bed at 9pm so being up at 11pm was a red flag)! It all ended well though because they planned to get together again for another date. She was so excited and gushed about all things Nate to me the following morning when she could. She didn't regret staying up so late as much because she had such an enjoyable time.

I'm so happy that Lily found a guy that she's interested in and comfortable with but we all know there has to be more. I'll post more about these two tomorrow. (:



  1. Such a cool blog! As far as these apps are concerned, I can't do it. It makes me uncomfortable LOL. But hey, I am glad it is working for someone.

    Dakota D.

    1. Thanks! (: It is a bit... nerve wracking in a sense. I mean, I try to stay on top of things but at the same time there's a lot going on and some of the dudes are really just total losers so they aren't worth my time. But it is always nice to hear when things work out.