Sunday, May 1, 2016

OkCupid - Midas Touch

If only everything he touched turned to gold. Maybe then he would be a bit more interesting. Or perhaps I could just have him touch a bunch of random things to make bank from selling them. Now that would be innovative and keep me well funded for any and all of my travel plans. Instead, I don't think he possesses that ability.

So I got another older man who liked me again. At this point it's not becoming anything new or unusual. I'm actually getting used to it and only checking out their profile in order to get a good laugh. I mean, they will see that I visited their profile so long as they are online around the time I do so, but maybe that will make things just even worse for them because they'll know I checked them out and immediately decided no.

His pictures aren't that telling. I mean, they are very dark pictures with terrible lighting so I honestly don't know if I'm looking at a person or just the inside of a random abandoned warehouse. So on his profile I'm reading through what descriptions he has filled out for himself and honest to God these are his exact words. I don't think I could make this up even if I tried.

His favorite book description literally says: "HOLY BIBLE, THINK and GROW RICH, OUTWITTING THE DEVIL." Why he felt the need to put on the caps lock is beyond me but I now know that there is nothing I can do to help this man. If he is busy trying to outwit the devil then he's just wasting his time. It's other people you have to be wary of not the devil. I suppose this at least tells me that he is very religious because he's all about God, growing rich, and having nothing to do with the devil.

Six things he couldn't live without: "GOD, phone, car, spotify, youtube. and of course you God's gift to me whom ever you may be" So he forgot his period at the end of his sentence but once more God is very important to this man. I almost want to tell him that he should pray for God to send him someone who feels the same way he does. They'd be perfect for each other. I agree that a phone and car are necessities in this day and age but Spotify and Youtube aren't that major. It tells me he listens to a lot of music and watches plenty of videos. I was going to make a funny comment about what kind of things he is wasting his time with on Spotify and Youtube before remembering it all probably has something to do with God and outwitting the Devil.

The part that gets me on this though is "and of course you God's gift to me whom ever you may be" because really? You're obviously living without this poor girl whom you consider to be God's gift to you if you are still on this dating site. Add that you're a bit older and you've been without her for quite a while so I'm sure you can still make do for a little while longer. At this point I just think the poor man is desperate for someone who will love God as much as he does and wants to outwit the Devil through music and video. Good luck Midas.

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