Monday, May 9, 2016

OkCupid - Really Cool Person

Do guys just think that saying one sentence will magically convince me that what they are saying is true? I mean, you have to prove yourself. You could say just about anything in a message but that doesn't make any of it true. So saying that you're a "pretty cool person" means nothing to mean because that's just what you're trying to present. I'll have to figure that out for myself.

Look, I'll give Jamaal a chance even with his introduction because I do like that he said he wanted to see how our friendship happens. That's what I believe should be the basis of any relationship. We need to be friends first and foremost. I mean, it's only after being friends that you really figure out how you feel about a person because you know enough about them to make that judgement call. If not you're just randomly getting together with guys and that is not what I'm about. It just isn't.

He played the compliment card with my looks and saying my profile stole his attention, which isn't anything new, but it's like he's trying to cram a lot of things into this. Like giving a snippet about all the things he can think of that are important. Compliment, bit about self, mention being friends, and end with compliment and wanting to get to know you. That's actually the best formula I've seen thus far. Much better than starting off with Drumpf or asking if butt sex counts as hooking up. Those have been some of my worst instances but still, they are hard to forget.

I will keep you posted on Jamaal and see how much he really wants to get to know me.

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