Thursday, May 5, 2016

OkCupid - Reflecting on Myself and Flinstones

Mirror selfies are not cool. Honestly they just aren't. You know that people place themselves just right with the perfect angle so that they present themselves in the best way. Or sometimes they are just blurry and terrible pictures because people don't know how to clean their mirror. Either way some people like them but seriously there's a front facing camera now so just take a normal picture. When a 40 year old man takes a mirror selfie that doesn't make it any better. I mean, I don't expect him to be a pro at it but why is he doing it in the first place?

Once again I have an older man messaging me. Let's break all of this down shall we? Look at his photo. That's not a great photo. Don't we want to make a good impression on a dating app? Putting your best foot forward is how I try to go about things. Just because it's an app doesn't mean you shouldn't try to present yourself in a decent manner because we all know people go by first impressions and it's hard to break away from those once they're made. All I can figure is that he is trying to stay with the times by taking a mirror selfie while also trying to look as those he's contemplating things in his life with his thoughtful expression. That means nothing to me. Have pictures of you actually doing something. That's better than this.

Our match percentage is 37% and I know I haven't gone too in depth about what all that means but it's pretty low compared to most of what I've had. I think the lowest I've had with a guy is 25% but anyways it just means we don't have a lot in common when it comes to interests and also in regards to what we're looking for. It just isn't a good sign. I mean, I don't base my interactions with guys on that percentage but it does sort of tell me to have somewhat low expectations for what could possibly happen.

Then we have the question about the Flintstones. I am left to wonder if he is just trying to check how young I am or if this is an actual pick up line he uses with others. Is it even a pick up line? Does the multitude of possible answers I could give mean something? I just don't know. I thought my response was an appropriate one but it seems I didn't give the right answer considering he hasn't messaged me back saying anything more. Perhaps I gave him the wrong answer that tells him to keep trying, which he should, but I"ll keep you all posted as to whether or not he responds. 

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