Wednesday, May 18, 2016

OkCupid - Jake From State Farm

Ok so it isn't really Jake from State Farm but that commercial still makes me laugh and that is now what I'm associating Jake in Florida with. Just let me have my fun. If you don't remember my first post about him be sure to go back here to read it over. He's the one who said tall girls were the best. Well I continued the conversation with him as I said I but wow did things take a turn.

So we discussed how pants were always an issue to find and then he started talking about shoe size because he has to order a size 16 from the internet. No shoe store ever has a size 16 and I know that because my own brother wears size 16 shoes and it's a joke. Thank goodness for the internet because it literally has everything. Anyways, then he mentioned that he has a slight foot fetish. I'm sorry, where did that even come from? I know we were talking about shoe size but what does he mean by a girl taking care of her feet?

This honestly isn't the conversation I expected to have happen. I am sitting here in a bit of shock as I type this. I mean, kudos to Jake for being honest but is this real life? Is he honestly asking for me to send him pictures of my feet.

Wait. Hold on. I saw a tweet/chat about this where a girl gave a guy her Paypal account and sent him pictures of her feet for every $20 he sent her. SHOULD I DO THAT? Is that even a proposal I should offer? Now I'm just laughing at the idea of it. I mean, I did just paint my toes the other night so is this meant to be? Should I try to make some money off Jake for pictures of my feet? I wonder if he'll say that I have cute feet.

Let me know in the comments if I should try getting paid for feet pictures. Also, has someone ever asked you for pictures of a certain body part (not nudes)? What did you do?


  1. OMG YES! So on tinder this guy added me on snap immediately sent me a snap of him sticking his hand down his pants. I couldn't snap back! It was so uncomfortable but he was decent looking so I kept up the convo. At on point he expressed to me that he like tube socks and fortunately I have an obsession with tube socks so all he got from me was a photo of me from the knees down LMAO. Great blog post girlie.

    Dakota D.

    1. I will try then Dakota and see what he says. Oh man. Guys always try to send a "sexy" pic first to see what you're into. See the tube socks is kind of strange but I guess he did only see your knees. You should've tried to charge him! (: Thanks!