Saturday, April 30, 2016

OkCupid - Missed Memo

Compliments. We've talked about them before and yet here we are discussing them again. Compliments are nice. I like them. Tell me something new though. I want to have an actual conversation because I am not on these dating apps looking for a hook up. Thankfully this guy got the memo.

So Bryan starts messaging me about traveling and asking where I've traveled. We have a great discussion about all the different countries we've traveled to and then we start talking about what we do for work, where we've gone to school, and things of that nature. Bryan went through a program at his college to teach English over in Thailand and then just continued to travel the world for fun. We discussed fun travel tips and some funny stories we had while being abroad. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and the conversation is just easily flowing between the two of us.

Then he starts reiterating the compliments he gave me earlier in the conversation, or rather days ago at this point. Here's just a few:

Bryan: "You are so pretty."
Me: "Thanks I know."
Bryan: "Your pics are amazing."
Me: "Thanks (:"
Bryan: "I love your smile. So happy"
Bryan: "You are so adorable"

Mind you, this is in the middle of our other conversations taking place. I thought we were past the point of a quick intro saying someone looked nice and then moving on to actual conversation. Maybe he's just the kind of guy who likes to compliment all the time. I had a guy friend like that once who was just always full of compliments, but after too many they start to sound a little insincere, you know? I mean, thanks but I'm not fishing for compliments about my appearance. I just want to actually get to know you.

Then he mentioned meeting up, which I would've been fine with but he just ruined it.

Bryan: "Come over and cuddle."
Me: "I have a family dinner."
Bryan: "Ha. Excuses excuses"
Me: "Yeah well I'm not just going to show up to some strangers place to cuddle."
Bryan: "Why not. Ha. I figured"
Me: "That's not how I roll."
Bryan: "How do you role. I'd love to know you are so adorable"

Ok we all know he used the wrong role because we aren't talking about a role model and I was talking about the slang for roll and not bread. Anyways, if he figured I wasn't just going to show up to a strangers place to cuddle why did he ask? Am I missing something? Either way I went on to say I was a bit old fashioned, willing to meet up and do something like grab drinks and if we hit it off we could go on actual dates. By actual dates I mean dinner and a movie sort of thing, which I made sure to say. After that Bryan didn't message me back. Guess he found some other girl who was willing to show up and cuddle with a stranger. All of his compliments must have won her over.

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