Sunday, April 10, 2016

Clover - Grandpa's Netflix and Chill?

As you can probably tell at this point there isn't too much happening on Clover for me. I mean, lots of guys like me and I slowly sort through them deciding whether to delete them or like them back, but then conversations just don't happen. I'll stick to my old fashion ways of letting the guy talk to me first because that doesn't bother me one bit. However, while sorting through the list of guys who like me I was slightly disturbed by the Roy who showed up.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked his picture because the picture was of a little white dog. I've no idea what kind it was, just something cute and fluffy. Maybe that's how he hopes to lure girls in. What girl wants to say no to something cute and fluffy? Either way I click to profile noting that Roy is down in Arizona so he's a good distance away from me. I then notice his age and he is 61 years old. THIS MAN IS A GRANDPA. You can tell me age doesn't mean a thing all you want but this is too much. I thought all the guys in their 40's were pushing their luck but Roy takes the cake. I mean, I guess kudos to him for putting himself out there on dating apps but come on now, seriously? Roy, you can't go around liking women who are more than half, or even a third of your age. That's just disturbing and disgusting.

I begin swiping through his pictures and there's quite a few of his little white dog before I finally find one of him, holding up the dog in front of his face. The last two pictures are of him and you can see the white hair on his head, the wrinkles on his face, and let me tell you that you just know Roy is a grandpa and has seen some things. Of course I all ready know that I am going to delete Roy as there will certainly be nothing happening there. What is he going to do? Treat me like a grand-daughter? Most certainly not, I am not looking to be adopted unless he is fine with paying for all my international flights and travels without ever seeing me. Hmm... maybe that's something I need to look into. Either way it just gets weirder.

There's a whole list of interests that he has including long walks on the beach, kissing, cuddling, sex, dogs, and things of that nature. Then I notice he has Netflix and chill as one. Excuse me Roy, do you even know what this means?! This is a very important question to me. Either you are trying to be hip and say what the kids say or you have actually successfully seduced other much younger women into getting with you and you picked up the phrase from them. If it is the first I'm slightly concerned that you asked your poor grandkids what it meant and they were extremely confused by why grandpa was asking them such a question. If it is the latter then I am truly horrified for the younger women who have gotten with you. They are obviously far braver than I am. Good luck Roy, but I would rather not Netflix and chill with a grandpa.

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