Sunday, April 3, 2016

OkCupid - Make Donald Drumpf Again

I'm 99.8% sure, which is an A+, that you shouldn't start off a conversation talking about politics. I mean, you don't really even know a person or what their beliefs are. This presidential election year is such a mess that any talk of it immediately can become an argument because let's be real, it's a shit storm. So when I got the message "Make America Great Again" from some no faced stranger I just had to see what was going on.

He never responded back after that last message but I'm not sad. Come on now. I've seen plenty of news articles breaking down the cost of the wall and it's just ridiculous. Did this guy think I was a complete idiot? And if you're a Trump supporter don't think I'm trying to bash you. But I hope you aren't on dating apps trying to convince people to vote for him or change their mind about him. I still love how this guy thought he could convince me to vote for an orange cheeto though. You have failed and that's all that matters. Now I wonder if I'll get someone who says "I'm with her" or another who says "Feel the Bern!" because that would just be too funny. What's the one for Cruz? Oh right, "He's the Zodiac Killer!" would be funny. 

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