Saturday, April 9, 2016

OkCupid - Sorry

Remember my first OkCupid post where I said
Now my other favorite message thus far is from a man who is well into his 30's who wrote, and I quote, "Hi gorgeous i defontly like to get to know u if ur interested". Perhaps I am just too much of a grammar nazi but that literally burned my eyes for a moment. I get chat speak but that's for teenagers. I'm currently thinking of a nicely worded comeback regarding his inability to spell.
Now there's more.

Well I wasn't too witty and I'm sure it was slightly rude, but honest in regards to a comeback. Ok, depending on how you view it the response was just rude. Mind you, this guy is more than ten years older than me so not quite at the 40's age group just yet but close enough. Either way I responded, "Sorry, you're not on my level and your spelling hurts my eyes." Was that rude? Perhaps a bit. Was it honest? Absolutely. So after writing that I expected one of two things to happen. The first being that he would not respond at all because I basically just shut him down and he would take the hint that nothing was going to happen. The second would be him basically sending a message back calling me out for being rude and possibly saying something nasty. Instead this guy surprises me and responds back with a simple, "Sorry" and that's the end of it. Now, perhaps I'm not having the appropriate response to this situation but I started laughing, out loud. I was not expecting that as a response. I didn't think that he would apologize at yet he did. Hannah, Ipek, and Alisha got a good laugh out of it as well though.

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