Thursday, April 14, 2016

OkCupid - He Lost His Smile

I get a lot of random messages on OkCupid, which I'm sure you've noticed by now. I have such a hard time at this point keeping up with the app because just about anyone can message me and honestly I do try to search through the messages and at least read them before deciding if I want to respond or ignore it. Sometimes the app won't let me go back to see my messages unless I click to view the guy's profile, as if it wants me to tell the dude I looked at him and then didn't respond. Thanks a lot OkCupid! Anyways, I don't know what to tell you about this guy other than he lost his smile so help him find it.

Ok, how is it hard to say that I am really beautiful? Are you doubting what you're saying? Are you super shy so just typing those words out in a message and hitting send physically hurts you? I don't get that. Just because I "here" it from a lot of guys on here shouldn't make it harder for you to say. We can all just accept it to be true. Also, playing the "I am different from alot of guys on here" card is not helping you one bit because trust me at this point I've dealt with a lot of different guys and I'm afraid of what your version of different means. At least he is accepting the fact that a friendship could be made because honestly I'm not attracted to him at all and you'll see more of why that is in what's posted below. But thanks for the God bless. I might need it to keep more creeps away.

So I click his profile an this is his summary. What is this? I can't even fathom writing something as ridiculous as this in my bio. Doesn't this sound like something that was said all the time in middle school? Or maybe one of those terrible icons or avatars people used on messenger. Either way let's break this all down. Even though he claims to be 6'1" there were no pictures to prove he was tall next to others as each picture was either of his face or from the waist up. Let me tell you something, he can't say he doesn't want a girl who is obese when he is pretty big himself. Also for her to be 4'0" at least that means he has tall man syndrome, which is totally a thing. It's where a tall guy goes with a short girl because then he feels more powerful and in control. And either way what's wrong with living at the gym? Some people do that. Maybe you should tag along and see what it's like. I personally don't live at the gym because I can't do treadmills but it's not a bad thing to want to take care of your body and be fit. Everyone has their choice of what they do in their free time.

What does dress appropriately mean? Where exactly are we going? I can be in a bikini and be appropriately dressed to go to one of the pool clubs or I can be in a short dress and be ready for just about anything. Or are we talking about a girl who covers everything up just because she chooses to? He wants her to have a career yet I saw nothing about him having one or even having a degree or a job. Does he expect the girl to be his sugar mama? That's not a turn on dude. Maybe for much older women but not for me. The whole "slow kisses that last for days, midnight massages, and someone to wash your back" are not really appealing either. Are we just going to meet in real life and then get married? You can't be slow kissing someone who you expect to be your sugar mama because she obviously has work to do to support you. I don't need any help washing my back either creep. Needless to say I did no message him back as there will be no conversation to be had.

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  1. EEEWW!! This is everything I hate in online dating messages! #1: a CLEARLY copy/pasted message that he sends to EVERYONE - no effort or ANYTHING about you. #2: A freaking laundry list of what he WANTS in a partner - WOMEN ARE PEOPLE! Not a menu where you can check off the items you want and make substitutions! UGH! I got a message so similar to this and I blogged about it too! At least it's good blog material, right?

    Here's the post if you want to see how men are the same on the other side of the country!

    I love dating blogs - found you through twitter and looking forward to reading more!