Friday, April 8, 2016

Clover - Badges and Mixers Are Signs

I mentioned before that Clover had badges and that I would explain them later so I'm about to do that here. Also, I'll talk more about why I have barely any stories about guys on Clover although it's mostly because none message me or can keep a conversation going. Remember everyone, calling someone pretty isn't going to make conversation start flowing or make people like you.

So about those badges, they appear on everyone's profiles. There are different ones to show you what a user has accomplished, if you can even call them accomplishments. He's a breakdown of the common ones I've seen:

Night Owl - Used the app between 10pm and 6am.
Outgoing - Likes 100 people
Dedicated - Use app for 7 days in a row
Early Bird - Use app between 6am and 10am
Desirable - Get liked by 100 people
Open Book - Finish all 20 questions
Perfectionist - Add a bio, 5 photos, and 3 interests
Celebrity - Most liked in your city this week
Irresistible - Get liked by 1000 people
Legendary - Get 100 matches
Charmer - Get liked after starting a chat
Comedian - Make 5 people laugh in chat
Adventurous - Feature yourself

I have a few of the badges but they don't mean that much to me. I mean, I'd rather see more info about a guy than what badges he has earned. If he has a whole lot I'm going to wonder how long he has been on the app. Also the Adventurous one just make me think that someone must be full of themselves to earn it. I mean, are you seriously going to pay to get things you want? As for Celebrity I wonder if that would be easier to earn if you lived in a small town or something like that.

Then there are the mixers. You can join mixers to show what you're interested in when it comes to different relationships. Some examples are:

Serious Relationships Only
Single & Read to Mingle
Netflix & Chill?
Interracial Relationship Goals
Looking for Hookups
Sexy Stoners
Looking for Cougars
420 and Chill
Sex Tonight

Now the mixers are a more telling sign to me because I've had quite a few younger guys message me but when I see that they're mixers include: Looking for Cougars or 420 and Chill I am immediately uninterested. That is probably just me but I'm not looking to try and support some young guy. He has to be independent and support himself just like I do. Also I'm not interested in getting high or doing drugs of any sort so that's a hard pass as well.

There have been a lot of older men and guys looking for cougars that have liked me or messaged me so I just haven't bothered with them. I mean, why even bother? I did have one guy ask about flying me down to Arizona though, which confused me because I'm definitely not that type of girl. I then began to wonder if he offered that to every girl he messaged in hopes of getting some sort of response.