Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OkCupid - Sushiboy

I have a cool photo of me with some sushi that I made at a sushi academy. That's pretty legit right? I think so and that's what matters. Either way I imagine someone to ask me if I like sushi or ask if I would make them some because they think they're being cute or funny. That would be fine, but instead I got the following message.

Really dude? "And then what would u do" like I am concerned about you even being on my piece of sushi what do you think I would want to do? Eat you? Am I becoming a cannibal? Should I turn into Hannibal and eat the rude? That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea with some of the guys I've had to interact with... Either way I thought I was pretty much done and covered when I mentioned throwing him in the trash. But no it continued:

Sushiboy: "Now why would u do that"

Me: "Because you aren't fish."

Sushiboy: "Oh okay"

Sushiboy: "lol"

This just makes me think of those typical messages I've seen where the guy always asks "and then what would you do" as thought suddenly you've changed your mind and would do what they are expecting you to do. This was all ready a weird way to start off the conversation but at this point if I could shrink him down I would smash him in a box like Yzma's plan in Emperor's New Groove.

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