Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bumble - Reading Is Important

Being in Vegas means lots of matches from people who want to just hook up or have you come out to the club. I know this, which is why I explicitly put in my profile "Not here for hookups or to go to the club" so that should keep things simple, right? Apparently not. Also bumble requires the girl to message first so some guys really aren't off to a great start.

Honestly Redford, what made you think that just because you mentioned hooking up I would suddenly change my mind? Would my thought process be something along the lines of "oh wow, he is so hot, I want to do him right now but I said no hook up so maybe I should wait for him to mention it" because you're delusional. I love Ipek's comment though because come on now, another reason is because his grammar sucks. 

Look, having sex is not my idea of having fun. I don't know why you think that is the first thing you should say to me after I simply say "hi" to you. Is this what you normally say to strangers? I mean, it might work down on the strip to get some sort of response but not on me.

Well that's gross Dan. I don't need any more discussion with you. I just need to delete you and this conversation.

Seriously, can you read Ben? Are you not paying attention? I explicitly stated on my profile the complete opposite. Do you suppose he is being sarcastic? Wait, it is way too early in the conversation for him to think sarcasm will come across well. And even then he could have said I'm kidding, but still he shouldn't have started with that because it wasn't very funny or good. 

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