Sunday, April 3, 2016

OkCupid - Your Mom

Look, just start a conversation with me. It isn't that hard. There's enough on my profile for you to ask something about me. I know that because I wrote it and if you can't come up with something then it isn't going to last considering we have to actually have a conversation. I do need to get to know you. Let's look into the recent blunder of messages.

What do you want me to say to that? "Oh wow. You really think so? Haha I'm not so sure. Maybe you could prove it to me?" I mean honestly what are you after? What are you hoping to accomplish? I just don't understand. I'm not just going to get with you because of one compliment. If you're hoping for that to work head to the Strip and find a club.

This dude right here has been on my case since joining. He's one of the old men who sees that I'm online and shoots me a message. I've blocked him at this point because, no. Just no. Does he not look kind of like a creep in that photo? Still not the one to make me become a gold digger.

Are you trying to impress me by saying that your mom was looking at my profile? Like your mom approves so we should get together? Wait, do you still live with your mom? You are 36 years old. Please don't tell me that you still haven't moved out and done anything with your life. Or are you just that guy who loves to have your mother's approval and she is completely invested in every aspect of your life? If so I want nothing to do with that.

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