Wednesday, April 20, 2016

OkCupid - You Like Irish Guys

I'm in Vegas so I know plenty of people are only in town for the weekend or sometimes even for a day trip. If they happen to stay longer than a weekend then kudos to them and I hope they have fun wile in town. Most of the guys who I see that say they are only in Vegas for the weekend or something along those lines I ignore because honestly, what's the point? I know they just want me to meet up with them at the club and hook up. I'm not stupid and that's not what I'm about. But what do you do for the guy who thinks he's a tall Irish guy?

Congrats dude. I'm glad you're in Vegas for a week, which is longer period of time to spend here than most people who come to town. Everyone wants to come in for he big party or special occasion and then leave because sadly real life exists and there are things to do. With him starting out by saying that he's from Ireland and asking if I like Irish guys I was a bit confused. Did he see my bit about traveling the world and think, "Well I'm international so she must like me" or something like that? 

I thought I had an appropriate response of saying tall Irish guys because at this point you know height matters to me. The fact that he immediately responded saying that he was 5'10" made me laugh because that isn't tall to me. That is my height. To make things better I clicked his profile to see what all his information said and he was listed at 5'8". Really dude? Did you think that if by some magical chance I did decide to meet up with you that I wouldn't notice you were suddenly shorter? Do you think I'm stupid or something? This might be shocking but I do know how to read. The information he provided made him seem a bit dull and uninteresting as well. I mean, all he had was a few tidbits about drinking and then pictures of alcohol. I mean, it was great to see because I could figure out his priorities and how little we had in common. So thanks for the red flags short Irish guy and good luck finding someone who thinks you're 5'10" and interesting. 

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