Saturday, April 2, 2016

OkCupid - Abhi

Compliments are nice. I like to think I know how to take a compliment, especially when someone is being honest, but that's a bit hard in the dating world isn't it? Doesn't every guy mention something along the lines of "you're beautiful and I would love to get to know you inside and out" because it never hurts to start with a compliment? Let's just say I've gotten a few of the complimentary starts in conversations but honestly it's a bit confusing. What do you expect me to say? Something like "Wow! I've never heard that before! You sure are great at judging me based off my looks! Too bad you don't actually look great." Time to see what happens with this Abhi guy.

Abhi messaged me saying the following, "You look gorgeous kinda adorable and damn sexy." Now, first I must point out that he forgot to use the Oxford comma because we all know that it is the appropriate way to structure a sentence where you're listing things off. There's that grammar nazi side of me again. Anyways, I'm sure like me you've seen a few online pictures from text conversations where a guy starts with that and the girl replies "I know right?" or something along those lines because it isn't brand new information to her. After such a reply the guy usually gets offended and quickly backtracks saying that she's ugly and she's full of herself.

I decided to see what would happen so I sent back, "Why thank you. (: Tell me something new." Now I must admit before saying what his reply was I was expecting him to say "well then nevermind" or something like that but instead Abhi decided to surprise me. He messaged back, "It would be really hard for me to say something that you haven't already.heard so i tryed to keep it simple" Although his use of punctuation and spelling could use some work I must admit he surprised me. I'll keep you all posted with how well he is able to hold a conversation because if we're only talking about looks he won't last long.