Wednesday, April 13, 2016

OkCupid - That's Not How It Works

Talking about kids is a little weird, right? I mean, that's not something I would bring up in my first message or even in conversation with someone who I've just met. I mean, it's one thing to mention later that you have kids when dating but most profiles have pictures of the guys with kids and they explicitly state whether the kid in the photos are their own or nieces/nephews. However, please don't have your first message to me be about us having kids.

All right, first off where does the 87% in your math come from? How exactly did you calculate how cute our babies would be? I mean, I get the lowered percentage for how they would look because come on now, I've seen your face. Ouch, that might have been rude but you're the one who brought up us having kids when I don't even know you. Why is that even your conversation starter? Were you hoping I would question where the 87% came from or something like that? Are you that ready to be a father even though you're only 23 years old?

Also this guy is only 5'8" meaning I am taller than him. Does he not understand genetics or anatomy? Let's just use our imagination and say that we did have kids, everyone in my family is tall so I'm pretty sure the kids would easily be taller than him. I mean, my hypothetical son could be 6'6" by the time he is sixteen years old. In regards to anatomy, just because a person re-enlists that does not mean they suddenly become taller. Or is that something I'm missing in regards to my knowledge about the military? If people do re-enlist and become taller that is amazing and I would like to see this phenomenon. However, since I have no proof or evidence of this happening I'm thinking this poor sap is all talk.

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