Friday, April 1, 2016

OkCupid - Vu Update

For Eddie. You wanted an outline of the meet up so here you go.

All right, I decided to do it. My thought was that a quick meet up couldn't be that dangerous, especially because we weren't heading out late at night or anything like that. Vu offered to either meet at Starbucks or boba and how was I about to reject getting some boba? It's been ages since I've had some good boba and there are a ton of places here in Vegas but the trick is knowing the right ones. He said he knew a great place so we set the time to meet up and that was the end of it. Kidding, that wasn't really the end of it.

I'm the type of person who likes to be on time but on the way to the boba place there was an accident so the two lane street was cut down to one lane so it made things slow going. I was running almost ten minutes late and of course felt bad because I didn't want Vu to think that I had completely bailed on him or something along those lines. He ended up messaging me on the app (because we hadn't exchanged numbers yet) saying that he had arrived right as I was pulling into the parking lot so the timing worked out perfectly. I messaged back saying that I was parking and found him waiting outside the boba place.

He looked pretty much the same in person as he did in his pictures and he gave me a hug before leading the way into the boba place. Sometimes I legit have to remind myself that lots of people treat hugging like a greeting nowadays. Call me weird but you really have to be special to get a hug from me. I'm just not a touchy-feely person. Once inside the boba place I realize it's pretty small and packed, which is surprising considering we're there before the 5pm rush that happens due to people getting off work. Since he suggested the place I asked him what I should order. He asked if I was a foodie, what my favorite fruit was, if I liked caffeine, and etc. I replied that I didn't care for caffeine at the moment and that mango sounded good but ever since going to China it hasn't tasted quite as good. I can't explain why but the mango in China was amazing. He hummed about it for a moment before looking at the menu and then went to order.

I don't remember what he ordered for himself but he got me some mango drink with the boba along with little mango jellies inside it. Vu paid and we went over to sit down at one of the only open little tables so we could wait for our drinks to be finished. I'm not going to lie, I was surprised by how well he could hold a conversation. He was willing to ask questions to get to know me and of course I made sure to ask him about himself because that was the purpose of the meet up, right? But I swear I had the thought before arriving at the boba place that we would run out of things to discuss or there would be a lull and I wouldn't know what to say! And trust me, I can easily keep a conversation going but sometimes people are just stupid and don't know how to communicate so it's like talking to a brick wall. Thankfully that didn't happen!

I swear it took more than 20 minutes for our number to be called so he could get our drinks but we were just chatting away. I'm not even joking when I say we sat there talking and drinking our boba for two hours. TWO HOURS. Time seriously flew. We were talking about what we did for work, how we decided to get into our respected majors and current employment, and then more fun travel talk. He's in solar energy, which is a big debate in Vegas because we easily have enough sunlight but the electric companies don't want to lose their profits, and he's just gotten into travel. Australia will be his first international travel (because I'm not counting him going to Canada) but he'll be gone two weeks and visiting places that I went as well when I was there. He of course wanted suggestions and I told him what I enjoyed doing while there.

We talked about tv shows, video games, hiking, and a variety of other things as well. At one point though my phone started buzzing and it was my dad calling me. Vu saw the picture and told me to answer it, which I was grateful for because my dad was just calling to check up on me because of a lovely towing situation that had happened in the morning resulting in a $157 charge that I plan to fight. Come on now, that's spending money while traveling! Either way the conversation with my dad was short and sweet and Vu just swiped through some apps on his phone. The conversation was still going fine and when we both finally realized how late it was I said I had to get going to meet up with a friend for dinner. Vu said he still had to finish up packing for Australia. He asked if I would promise that we could keep in touch while he was gone and I said sure. That's when he asked for my number and now he has me on snapchat.

We left the boba place and he walked me to my car citing that he wanted to be like a gentleman even though it wasn't very dark out. We hugged and then he said that once he was back from Australia he would take me out to dinner at a great Chinese restaurant. So we'll see how things go two weeks from now. I'll keep you all posted.

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