Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coffee Meets Bagel - So Close Yet So Far

As I said before I haven't had much luck with Coffee Meets Bagel. A handful of matches and some conversations that eventually just die after a few exchanged messages. I could practically keep a conversation with a wall if needed but come on now guys, you have to give me something to work it. You have to be more interesting than a wall. Thankfully it seems one guy can actually keep up.

So I matched with this guy named Evan and we've been messaging quite a lot on the app. Our sense of humor clicks really well and so it's just fun messaging him about what's going on. It's also pretty entertaining that we can make fun of what the other is stuck doing to at least make it a little more bearable. At least that was how I felt when I was stuck going to a wedding reception that I didn't care to go to and yet Evan was sending me funny things to look out for and making fun of other aspects of what I was stuck doing. I mean, it was a reception for a Mormon wedding so he was telling me to drink a lot of alcohol and everything would be fine. He said to look out for the drunk white people dancing because that would be entertaining. When I reminded him there would be no alcohol he immediately apologized and said they better have a juice bar but I needed to not get too crazy by drinking all the lemonade since it would get to me.

I mean, simple funny things like that made it actually enjoyable to check the app for new messages. After a week the conversation will close, unless you both specify that you would like to keep it open a little bit longer. We reached that point and both said yes so the conversation continued. For a while though the app spazzed out on me and when I would pull up our messages it wouldn't give me the keyboard so I literally couldn't type anything. Thankfully it did start working after a few days and when I told him what happened he claimed that he always knew that the app was secretly evil and out to get us. He did ask for my number the day before our chat line was to close and I gave it to him. Sadly, I haven't heard from him just yet. I may have lost him somehow. Either the app was evil or he just suddenly decided he was no longer interested. I can't do much about that but at least there's one good thing that happened on Coffee Meets Bagel.

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