Monday, April 25, 2016

OkCupid - Good Guy and Good Vibes

I'm sorry, but when someone tells me that they are a "good guy" that is an automatic turn off. I guess I've seen and heard that phrase used far too many times by guys who are just acting pathetic because they were the "good guy" and shouldn't have been dumped by a girl. Or they were put in the made up "friend zone" which is something I've only heard guys complain about, never a girl. Anyways, what do I say to the guy who's username literally contains "goodguy"?

Very original start. I'm attractive. Thanks, anything else new? Anything else that we have in common that we could discuss? Of course not because that apparently requires too much effort. Also, what does hanging out this week mean? Does that mean you're only in town for the week? I work full time so making time just to meet up with you when you want a night out on the town isn't going to happen. I mean, that is not what I am about. So you're going to have to find someone else to take you out on the town.

Grammar nazi mode activated. Where did his Oxford comma go? "Good vibes always smiling and having fun looking for someone like minded who wants to have some laughs!" is not a sentence. It should have been "I'm all about good vibes, always smiling, and having fun. I'm looking for someone like minded who wants to have some laughs." How am I supposed to know what you are all about when you can't even write it out. Is this how you string your sentences together when you talk normally? If so I can not handle that.

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