Friday, April 15, 2016

OkCupid - Not the One I Want

Listen, I am not that old. I promise. There are plenty of strangers I've met who think I'm younger than I actually am and yet for some reason I keep attracting these men who are well in their 40's. Once more they aren't attractive enough for me to want to become a gold digger. On top of that they have kids, it says so right on their profile, and I'm 100% sure that their kids are close to my age and wouldn't like the idea of their father dating someone their age. Even I am horrified by such a thought. Dad, if you ever somehow discover this I promise that if you ever divorce mom and start dating a girl as young as I am I will quickly end that relationship for you and kick you off of all social media so won't be such a creep. Anyways, back to the fun older men!

So for the few who have messaged me I've just deleted the conversation because I'm not interested and I don't need it just filling up my inbox, which all ready seems to have trouble refreshing and keeping itself up to date. Apparently one of those men is legit keeping tabs on me because he keeps messaging me when I'm online! Oh, a little green circle appears above your picture to show people you're online and each time I barely touch the app just to see if there's any new tall guys there's a message from him. His username legit includes theoneyouwant and trust me I do not want him for anything. After how many days of not messaging him do you think he'll take the hint?

I mean, yes I can block him and at this point I'm about ready to do so. He's just become annoying more than anything. Also it's clogging up my messages because as I've said before the platform for messaging on OkCupid does a terrible job at refreshing and keeping current messages at the top of the list view. Now I've noticed a few others who keep trying to sneak in little messages after I've deleted the conversation, not blocked them mind you, as if now I've magically forgotten who they are and will want to respond.

You sir disgust me and I want nothing to do with you. Please go away and try to meet someone your own age.

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