Monday, April 4, 2016

OkCupid - Ugh

All I can say is that below the cut there are weird and amusing conversations. You've been warned.

For having no pictures on your profile while also having no information on your profile it sounds like you're the scammer and trouble maker on here bro. How would I know if I am even interested? I mean honestly, I can't even find anything about you and I'm too suspicious to dare to message you back so hard pass.

I don't know, are you looking for a boyfriend? Is this how you always pick up chicks? Are you going to tell me that you're made of boyfriend material and that I should pick you? I mean, what do you want me to say to that? He hasn't messaged back since.

What a little pissbaby. I truly wonder if starting a conversation like this has worked for him in the past. Is this his go to trick? Does it actually get a lot of girls interested in him? Because honestly I'm finding it slightly horrifying that he thinks this is how to hold a conversation. Like, keep trying to "brag" to me but that still won't change a thing. 

Aw man, I meant for the screenshot to show his age and such. This guy is 37 and when I checked his profile he is 5'6" which means that I am way taller than him. Calling me little to make yourself feel better is not going to work out when I tower over you sir. On top of that you're too old. I don't know why he felt that calling me "little one" would get my attention as if giving me a nickname at this point was really necessary. Why is it so hard to start a conversation?

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