Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coffee Meets Bagel - I Think I Broke It

As you now know I've had a handful of connections of Coffee Meets Bagel and only a few actual conversations with the people who I've actually matched with but it would seem that I have now broken the app.

I tapped on the app today and this is what I saw. No offer of a new bagel but rather an explanation that they only want to deliver quality bagels to me so I should read up on dating tips and success stories. Like that's a big help when I have no connections or conversations going on. Thanks a lot. Either way it offered for me to take a bagel for free in the discover section, which I explained before. Basically it's a bunch of guys who are close to your criteria but not quite. Sometimes there are guys that have liked you because you were within their search parameters but they aren't quite in yours. Either way it's a bit disappointing because I had hoped to find another Evan if that was at all possible. 

One of the suggestions that the app listed for me was to edit my specifications. I'm not budging on age because I am not a gold digger, height is important to me, and I have it set to 150 miles from me as the max. That's a little more than a two hour car drive so if I do anything more than that I'm basically looking for a weird sort of long distance friend at best? I mean, a long distance relationship could happen I suppose but if I never actually see or spend time with the guy in person that won't mean very much. Also I'm in Vegas so it'd be terrible if he came to visit expecting a hook up when I'm not about to let that happen. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to wait for more people to join Coffee Meets Bagel that are tall and have similar interests to myself.

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