Saturday, April 2, 2016

OkCupid - Gin

Ever have a lame marriage proposal as the first message that you receive from some stranger? Yeah, I only remember that happening while traveling in Turkey. There were some shop keepers who compared me to J. Lo, the Spice Girls, and a few tried to propose marriage. I'm certain they were just bored and killing time while also having a bit of fun with a tourist but still, this is just weird in a dating app.

So there's Gin and that's the first message he sends me. I've never even looked at his profile. Hannah has the right idea, he probably is just after a green card but still. Your a long ways away bro. Nothing is happening to that extent anytime soon. On top of that just having this one picture of your face and another one that is an awkward and weird body shot that is angled to the floor don't make me want to find out more. I guess he was just going off the fact that we have such a high match percentage. Let me tell you that it doesn't mean too much to me. Also he doesn't list his height so I'm going to just assume he is shorter than me. I did click his profile to read that he is "oversensitive and over thinking" and apparently the only way he knows what he is good at is from what you tell him. At least he says I should message him if I'm "looking for a kind of conversation tha never ends" which means I should think of something witty to reply back. I'll keep you all posted.

In other news Katie felt it relevant to take a screenshot of my likes, as if 412 is an accomplishment. I guess when I'm feeling down I can always remember that a few hundred people like me, likely based on my looks, but that's a confidence booster right?

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